Accelerate the improvement of modern industrial system and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

A few days ago, Hu Chunhua, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, led Lin Maosheng, Ren Xuefeng, Xu Ruisheng and other provincial leaders and Guangzhou Mayor Chen Jianhua and his entourage to visit Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., the executive vice president of the Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province. On the same day, Hu Chunhua and his entourage visited the Hongli Optoelectronics LED Experience Hall and the company's Engineering Technology Center Building. The whole process was accompanied by Li Guoping, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Hongli Optoelectronics.

Hongli Photoelectric LED Experience Hall is China Green Lighting Education Demonstration Base and Guangdong Environmental Education Base. LED Experience Hall displays LED wide application areas with four regional themes of home lighting, intelligent transportation, commercial lighting and special lighting. Hu Chunhua and his party Experience the environmental protection, convenience, comfort and practicality brought by LED intelligent lighting to work and life. Such as LED touch table lamp, LED intelligent street lamp and LED adjustable panel lamp and other LED intelligent lighting products, and understand the core technology of the company's deep ultraviolet LED packaging products in the field of disinfection and sterilization. Later, when visiting the company's provincial enterprise technology center, Hu Chunhua gave a positive affirmation to Hongli Optoelectronics' R&D strength and innovation ability in LED products.

Hongli Optoelectronics is the representative of LED enterprises researched by Hu Chunhua in Guangzhou. In the research work of Guangzhou enterprises, Hu Chunhua emphasized that it is necessary to speed up the improvement of the modern industrial system, focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and vigorously develop advanced equipment manufacturing, modern service industry and strategy. Sexual emerging industries, strive to seize the commanding heights of industrial development.

Hongli Optoelectronics said that in the fierce market competition, it will continue to maintain the leading edge of domestic LED product research and development. With the support of relevant national policies, it strives to rank among the forefront of the international market with its own technical strength and brand image, in order to create Guangzhou's development. The new advantage is dedicated to a force.

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