Ali YunOS will be super iOS, becoming the second largest mobile operating system in China

On November 29th, according to foreign media reports, by the end of this year, the load of Ali YunOS system in the mainland China smartphone market will surpass Apple's iOS system and leap to the second place. Meizu, Xiaojiao and Duowei are the three major mobile phone suppliers currently loading YunOS. Market research firm Strategy AnalyTIcs said that the total shipments of mobile phones equipped with Ali YunOS system in 2016 are expected to exceed 100 million units.

The South China Morning Post quoted analysts as saying that by the end of 2016, the share of Ali YunOS system in the smartphone market in mainland China is expected to reach 14%, surpassing Apple's iOS and becoming the second largest smartphone operating system in China.

Although Apple's iPhone sales in China showed explosive growth last year, the iPhone sales in the region have experienced negative growth recently, resulting in a three-quarter decline in Apple's iPhone sales in China. However, the technology blog The Verge reported that iPhone sales in China will pick up in the fourth quarter of this year.

Alibaba hopes that the Ali YunOS system will become the choice of more Chinese consumers, and it faces another big obstacle to overcome: because most of the current Chinese smartphone users use Google's Android system.

Although the Ali YunOS platform has made great progress, Bernstein senior analyst Mark Li believes that after the Ali YunOS platform goes abroad, its growth prospects may be limited to "cheap or subsidized" smartphone products. field.

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