Alliance China Electronic Information Crystal Power wants to surpass Sanan when LED chip

In the first half of the year, the LED industry was stopped by the mainland energy conservation and welfare subsidy policy. The LED backlight market in June and July turned weak, but the lighting orders were released in the second half of the year, and some TV manufacturers began to replenish due to the arrival of the 11th holiday season. Backlight inventory, some chip manufacturers have begun to feel the signs of market recovery, LED market performance may be the third quarter of the peak season is not prosperous, the fourth quarter of the off-season is not weak market conditions.

Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingyuan Optoelectronics, said that Jingdian will attack the mainland market in a way that is in line with China's electronic information strategy alliance. The production capacity of its joint venture development will increase by more than two times by the end of next year. The rate will defeat Sanan and Dehao Runda and become China's largest LED chip factory.

As China Electronics Information Group has the world's largest TV factory TPV, China's electronic information has recently entered into commercial and home lighting with Philips. Crystal is the main LED epitaxial and die supplier, which is expected to benefit.

Li Bingjie stressed that the penetration rate of LEDs in lighting will reach 20% or more next year, which is more than this year. When LED enters the era of lighting, the market share of grabbing is very important. Therefore, Jingdian will adopt two major strategies and have patents in global demand. The LED die will be dominated by crystal power. As for the price war in the mainland, Jingdian is mastered through strategic alliance.

Li Bingjie revealed that in the past, Jingdian has jointly developed crystal with China Electronic Information Co., Ltd., and will actively expand production. The development of crystal is jointly funded by Jingdian and China Electronic Information Industry Group. China Electronics holds 50% of the shares and 40% of the crystals. 10% is held by Yiguanjing, a group of Yiguang, Jingdian and Guanjie. At present, there are 30 MOCVD machines in the development of crystal, and will be developed to 100 machines by the end of next year. Li Bingjie said that in addition to the development of crystal is the important base of crystal power in the mainland, Jingdian has 60 machines in the two joint ventures in Changzhou and Shandong. By the end of next year, the supply of crystal power in China will have 160 machines. This production scale will exceed San'an, the largest factory in China. In the past, Jingdian had the first place in the Chinese market. With Sanan's encroachment, Jingdian relegated to the second place, but in the future, Jingdian will rely on the development of crystal to regain the first throne in China.

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