Breaking EMC development challenges, low power and high efficiency are key

Introduction: In the past two years, it seems that all LEDs are engaged in EMC, and the shouts are endless, but now it is a sorrowful, EMC is still not really done. The reason is whether it is quality, capital, or consumer acceptance. What's wrong? This article will focus on the reasons and solutions for the difficulty of EMC promotion.

EMC has been yelling for many years in China, but there are few real decent projects in China. Most EMCs also do it while they are doing it. Because the recycling time is too long, they are worried about unpredictable problems during the cost recovery period. According to my long-term contact with EMC, EMC currently has the following types:

First, the perfect pursuit of the ball: I hope that the LED can completely exceed the energy-saving lamps from the illuminance, ambient brightness and indicators, but also hope that the LED will not appear any damage within five to ten years, and hope that the LED's five-year light decay is controlled. Within 20%, and hope that after LED replacement, it can save 60-70% of electricity, and it is low-cost. It can recover investment within 1-2 years. Most business leaders have this mentality. Most of these people come from In the non-LED industry, the team is dominated by technicians.

Second, the money type: These companies are mostly listed companies or suppliers are listed companies, their mentality is that as long as the product does not have too much problem, the contract can be announced, to the stock market to circle money; or The company itself is not listed, and the listed company is selected as the supplier. This can greatly reduce the supplier price directly or indirectly (the method of indirect price reduction is 20-30% to pay after the expiration of the contract for five years), so that the supplier can Take the contract to announce that the value added of the stock market is usually much higher than the product profit.

Third, eager to go public: more than 7,000 LED lighting in the country, but the real output value of more than 200 million is very small, some companies are eager to go public, but can not find a good sales, slow sales, in this case eager to list the most A good way is to distribute the goods, and EMC is a relatively quick way. In the last year of preparation for the listing, it will be a final spell. It can be put together, of course, and the goods will be prepared as receivables or bad debts, such as Can't fight, and it is possible to fight the business;

4. Subsidy type: Some enterprises have good state subsidy policies. The registration and contracting energy management company replaces the low-priced and inferior products for users, and then applies for subsidies to the state with the contract. The users also have low prices for products. If you recover the cost in almost a year, there will be no response.

V. Spelling type: Most of these customers are market-born or good at public relations. They are not familiar with the products, but they are good at experimenting in the most intuitive way. If the products are lit for a period of time, the accounts are cost-effective. And the suppliers dare to promise a five-year warranty. These companies have strong financial strength or strong financing capabilities, and their promotion to EMC is still relatively large.

Sixth, technical type: These customers have long been cultivating in the EMC market, and they are extremely familiar with energy saving solutions. When planning for users, they must consider all aspects of energy saving and cost recovery. For example, remote control and intelligent control systems will be done together. Into the lighting energy-saving program, of course, such customers will work closely with the manufacturers, and put forward their own requirements for LED manufacturers to carry out research and development and production.

In summary, regardless of the type, returning to the essence of EMC, it is necessary to improve the energy saving of products, improve product quality and reduce the cost of product input. This is the three prerequisites for the sound development of EMC. According to my long-term experience in serving EMC, Energy saving is the most important issue in the development of EMC at present.

At present, the most important lamps used in the market are three types, namely, a halogen powder tube, a three-color tube and a T5 tube. The following three types of lamps are respectively analyzed as follows:

1, halogen powder tube: the brightness of this tube is not high, the luminous flux is about 1400-1500LM, according to the current market better LED products 90LM / W, also need to do 16W, but I do not know, most fluorescent lights are not imagined The power of 40 watts is 32-34 watts, which is 33 watts on average. If it is lit for 12 hours every day, the electricity fee is 0.9 yuan/kWh: (33-16)*12*365*0.9/1000=67 yuan. If you count the share for the user, then two years will barely recover the cost.

2, three primary color fluorescent lamps: three primary color fluorescent lamps have higher luminous efficiency, the whole luminous flux is generally above 2200LM, with patch lamps, if calculated according to 100LM / W, also need to achieve 22W, and electronic fluorescent lamps are usually 36 Tile, if it lights for 12 hours every day, the electricity fee is 0.9 yuan / kWh: (36-22) * 12 * 365 * 0.9 / 1000 = 55 yuan, minus the share for the user, 3 years can barely recover the cost.

3, T5 tube: T5 tube on the market nominal 28W, but a lot of measured only 23-24 watts, luminous flux around 1450LM, high quality will reach 1650LM or more. Taking 1450LM as an example, the LED tube on the market usually needs 16W. If it is lit for 12 hours every day, the electricity fee is 0.9 yuan/kWh: (24-16)*12*365*0.9/1000=31.5 yuan, the cost is very high. Hard to recycle.
In response to the above difficulties, Wanbang Optoelectronics has made the following plans based on the experience of cooperation with several well-known EMC companies in China, and shares it with everyone here (Note: The following products have been mass-produced and applied)

1. Halogen powder tube: adopting 10W, the whole light efficiency is 140-145LM/W, the whole luminous flux can reach about 1450LM, according to the above formula, it can save every year:
(33-10)*12*365*0.9/1000=90.6 yuan (more than 90.6-67=23.6 yuan per year for lamps on the market), this program can save 90.6*2=181.2 yuan in two years.
2, three primary color tube: 16W, the whole lighting efficiency is 140-145LM/W, the whole luminous flux is about 2240LM, according to the above formula, it can save:
(36-16)*12*365*0.9/1000=78.8 yuan (78.8-55=23.8 yuan more than the annual number of lamps on the market), this program can save 78.8*2=157.6 yuan in two years.
3, T5 tube: using 10W, the whole light efficiency 140-145LM / W program, the whole light flux can reach about 1450LM, according to the above formula, can save annually:
(24-10)*12*365*0.9/1000=55 yuan (more than 55-31.5=23.5 yuan per year for lamps on the market), this program can save 55*2=110 yuan in two years.
From the above three options, no matter which solution, it can easily recover the cost and achieve profitability within two years. The above scheme has brought great economic benefits to several well-known EMCs in China. Here, we propose this. The plan also hopes that domestic EMC can take less detours and focus on market development, quickly promote the development of the entire LED industry, and contribute to the national energy conservation and emission reduction.

(This article was contributed by Xia Zeqiang, International Operation Center of Wanbang Optoelectronics (Shenzhen))

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