Business Opportunity: The intelligence of women's cosmetics begins with UV detection

At present, the world's largest cosmetics market is the United States, with annual sales of 55 billion US dollars. In 2014, China's total retail sales of cosmetics reached 182.5 billion yuan (30 billion US dollars), an increase of 10% year-on-year. The total market volume of local cosmetics brands exceeded the total market volume of foreign brands in China for the first time. In terms of US standards, China's cosmetics market still has twice the market space; in terms of population ratio, China's cosmetics market has 12 times market space.

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In the Chinese market, consumers have strong whitening needs, while whitening products account for the largest share of the cosmetics market. The key to skin care is whitening, and the key to whitening is to prevent UV rays.

Silicon Labs' SI1132, which is represented by Shiqiang, as a UV sensor, provides a good solution for sun protection and intelligence of women's cosmetics.

The application block diagram is as follows:


SI1132: UV sensor

SI7020: Temperature and Humidity Sensor

C8051F850: Controller

OLED: Display displays UV intensity and temperature and humidity in real time

BLUETOOTH: Bluetooth device, optional. Mainly used to connect mobile phone apps.

The UV data detected by SI1132 and the temperature and humidity data detected by SI7020 are transmitted to the F850 through the I2C bus, and the data is displayed through the OLED, or communicated with the mobile phone through the Bluetooth module, and displayed on the mobile APP to realize the intelligentization of the cosmetics.

Other applications of women's cosmetics: cosmetics boxes with UV intensity detection, women's pendants with UV intensity detection, small electronic products for cosmetics (products for detecting UV temperature and humidity), smart cosmetics bags, smart vanity mirrors, etc.

SI1132 frame diagram:


The single-chip Si1132 sensor from Shiqiang integrates multiple diodes, an analog-to-digital converter, a signal processor and a digital I2C control interface in a small 2 mm x 2 mm transparent QFN package. This UV index and ambient light sensor makes fitness wristbands/armbands, smart watches and smartphones stand out by measuring UV sunlight. Consumers can benefit from receiving warnings when current UV exposure is harmful, or determining the amount of UV radiation that is added during exercise. This measurement is extremely useful for people at high risk of sunburn or for anyone who is concerned about overexposure.

The low-power sensor's standby current is less than 500 nA, ensuring long battery life, and the average current consumption per second of real-time UV index measurements is as low as 1.2 uA. The integrated ambient light sensor provides precise light level monitoring in mixed light, and its automatic backlight control can be used to improve the end user's visual experience and reduce backlight energy consumption. The Si114x family is supported by optical sensor software tools.

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