Close-up | Xin Mingfeng's second venture: Put Jiansen into LED power supply “anti-light expert”

With the continuous subdivision of the market, the price pressure from the domestic and downstream lighting application market will continue to increase or even increase, resulting in the continuous decline in the price of LED drive power products in the past few years.

Especially the homogenized products are caught in the price war.

If you can't be the first brand in the market, then create a new market segment to be the first. The market segment is the king's law, and it is already one of the ways for companies in the competitive industry to break through.

Focusing on the development and sales of LED constant current outdoor high-power power, Jiansen Technology hopes to establish its own competitive advantage in an extremely segmented market.

Xin Mingfeng, Chairman of Jiansen Technology

Xin Mingfeng’s “Second Venture”

“The opportunity to step into the LED door, initially chose to start from the package, the second venture directly aimed at the high-power outdoor power market.” Xin Mingfeng told Gaogong LED about his LED entrepreneurial journey.

In the early days, the technical maturity of outdoor high-power drive power products was not enough. In the field of outdoor lighting, it has not been widely recognized by the market, and it is in a state of 'selling and not selling'. But Xin Mingfeng believes that the high-power outdoor power market has a certain profit margin.

Therefore, as early as 2010, we began to pay close attention to this field. In 2011, Xin Mingfeng finally established “Jiansen Technology Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Jiansen Technology”), focusing on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of outdoor high-power power supplies.

With the gradual penetration of the LED lighting industry, the LED power supply market has also expanded rapidly. On the one hand, traditional power supply manufacturers have launched LED power products, on the other hand, many entrepreneurial companies have also been established. The power supply technology is not yet mature, the relevant standards are not perfect, and the market is chaotic.

After entering 2013, Jiansen Technology will put all its energy into the R&D and production of “Lightning and Anti-surge” for outdoor power supply.

"At present, the outdoor power supply market is not uniform, and has not yet formed a complete unified standard." Xin Mingfeng said that Jiansen Technology has devoted seven years to the development and production of LED-driven outdoor lightning protection power supply, and now has a certain market. Share.

Lightning protection is a customary customary term that translates into a power supply requirement that means that the power supply must have an anti-surge impact.

"Our ultimate goal is to be the 'most stable outdoor lightning protection power' product, and to build Jiansen Technology into an 'international brand-name outdoor power supply company' that has become a real anti-ray expert." Xin Mingfeng is confident. Fully expressed.

7 years of precipitation, "not dead lights" is the last word

The real rapid growth of the LED street light market is not long, probably about three or five years. Therefore, many LED industry engineers have less experience, directly ignoring the lightning protection and surge protection design of high-power outdoor power supply; in addition, lightning protection and surge resistance have not been really taken seriously by power companies, resulting in many LEDs in the past few years. There are large dead lights in the street lights.

At present, outdoor power supply manufacturers are uneven, and several brand power companies are not focused on outdoor street lamp driving power. Many customers mistakenly believe that large companies are good products, leading to confusion. Xin Mingfeng believes that the development of new standards in the industry segmentation market can solve the urgent need.

In the eyes of the industry, the design principles of each outdoor drive power supply are the same, the focus is still to see the details. Jiansen Technology realized the importance of lightning protection for street lamps and focused its design on lightning protection against surges. In fact, lightning protection is a traditional mature technology, but it has been ignored by many people.

Outdoor lighting is based on its demanding environment. The driving power supply must be designed with a focus on issues such as water resistance, high temperature, lightning strikes and other factors.

For outdoor LED lighting drive power, the use environment determines that lightning protection is an important indicator to measure its performance.

In fact, the LED street light itself is a "lightning rod." Xin Mingfeng said, "The streetlights that are directly hit by lightning are unpredictable, but if the lightning protection function of the power supply is done well, the number of surrounding street lights damaged by lightning strikes can be reduced."

As we all know, the price is very good, and the domestic manufacturers are very sensitive to the cost. In order to save a small part of the cost, the engineering maintenance, repair and replacement costs are neglected.

If the lightning protection against surge is done well, even if the transient surge impact does not damage the device, it may interfere with the normal operation of the program, and thus issue a wrong command, so that the power supply cannot work as expected.

Jiansen Technology is to maximize the lightning protection and surge resistance of the power supply and reduce the risks encountered by customers during use. Although the cost will increase relatively, it is within the acceptable range of the customer.

Establish user reputation = win the market

As the saying goes, "Golden Cup Silver Cup is not as good as the people's reputation. The Gold Award Silver Award is not as good as the praise of the people." The same is true for power supply. Only by truly establishing a good reputation among customers can we gain more market share.

"We only do constant current outdoor power supply, and insist on taking the high-end route." Xin Mingfeng proposed that high-power outdoor power supply pursues high reliability and high stability, and Jiansen Technology has added lightning protection requirements. Therefore, suppliers will be strictly selected, and the first-line brand of raw materials will be used to strive to standardize the products.

It is undeniable that Jiansen Technology is extremely sensitive to the market and can keep up with the development of market demand. Of course, the concept of "lightning protection" has never changed. In order to comply with the general needs of customers, the integrated lightning protection and surge protection design must be done by Jiansen Technology. In addition, according to the special requirements of some customers, independent lightning protection settings will also be done.

At present, Jiansen Technology has opened the outdoor power market in East China and South China, and has won the praise of customers with its product warranty period of 5 years.

"In the future, Jiansen Technology hopes to create a new standard in the industry, to be the most stable outdoor lightning protection drive power, to fill the standard blank of the market segment of streetlight power supply." Xin Mingfeng finally mentioned.

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