Cool TV how to install third-party applications?

Cool TV how to install third-party applications? Xiao Bian uses the Cool TV 5.X system smart TV as an example to provide simple and practical installation tutorials to meet the operational needs of users to expand the cool TV function.

Installing apps is one of the essential features of Smart TVs, but for some reason there is still no way to install your favorite apps. Therefore, this small editor teaches everyone a new trick, so that the cool powder they want to install the Italian application. Beautiful words in the front, definitely a premium tutorial, can not help but look!

Prepare raw materials: Skyworth or CoolTV with a connected network, a remote control, a U disk


The first step: Turn on the TV and enter "My Application";

Step 2: After entering "my application", select "Search" in the top right corner of the TV screen;

The third step: enter "XBW" in the input box, at this time you can see a recommended application on the right - "white file manager";

Step 4: Select "White Paper Manager" and click "Download" > "Install";

The fifth step: After the installation is successful, select "open" white file manager;

Step 6: Download the favorite application from the app store of the sofa network: hhtp://

Step 7: Insert the USB flash drive into the USB interface behind the TV.

The eighth step: When the white manager detects the U disk, it can be opened directly;

Step 9: Select the application and click "Install" to be successful. At this point you can try to open the application to see if it can run normally.

How is it? Is it easy? When you want to use the White File Manager next time, you can open it in My Apps.

With a white file manager, installing applications on a smart TV is no longer a dream. In addition to this feature, Xiaobai file manager has other fun features, quickly download a white file manager to try it!


1. The TV must be connected to the Internet to download applications.

2, U disk is best to choose a little old, and the format should be FAT32. If you do not know the format of your U disk, you can plug the U disk into your computer and right-click to view the format. No, it can be formatted to FAT32 format.

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