Customized LED lighting solutions lead the lighting market

More and more large hotels, supermarkets, warehouses or factories, public buildings such as libraries, hospitals, schools, etc. have begun to use LED energy-saving lighting equipment or participate in energy-saving system transformation. With the rapid development of LED lighting technology, LED lighting products have gradually replaced traditional light sources and lamps, and are widely used in various fields of daily life.

Today's energy-saving has long exceeded the concept of buying a LED lamp to save tens of degrees of electricity. Some powerful international lighting giants lead the commercial lighting market by providing customers with "customized LED lighting solutions." Customized LED lighting solutions are based on the actual lighting needs of enterprises and people, combined with the characteristics of the overall architectural decoration and decoration, the whole environment of the lighting environment and indoor and outdoor systems, using the interaction between people and the environment, light, through Switching, dimming and intelligent control, etc., are tailor-made lighting system integration solutions for customers. For example, Honeywell's Ex-Or lighting control system automatically adjusts the brightness of indoor lighting according to the intensity of natural light, and easily realizes adjustable illumination. It is a lighting energy-saving system transformation plan provided by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences office building and library. By controlling the lighting system through ultrasonic, infrared and microwave detectors, not only can save 40% of electricity, but also save more than 10% of air conditioning system energy consumption.

Only “customized” can provide a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the actual needs of customers and provide them with the best energy-saving solutions. The most famous case of customized LED lighting solutions is the LED energy-saving solution provided by Honeywell Langen for the global retail chain giant Wal-Mart. This will achieve a total power saving rate of 15.06% for Wal-Mart, and each store can reduce it every year. Nearly 1 million kWh of electricity consumption, the solution has been successfully promoted in more than 70 stores in Wal-Mart. At present, more and more enterprises have joined the ranks of energy-saving system transformation or application.

Home Window C leaning Robot

Home Window Cleaning Robot is usually used for cleaning ash, water stains, oil stain on both side of window. Home Window Robot need to connect power to use through by remote control. Window Robot Home Cleaning can reduces the difficulty and danger of window cleaning in tall buildings but more efficient with Two models (dry cleaning and wet cleaning). Window Cleaning Robot Amazon sale very popular,welcome to place order. 
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Glass robot has folding handle to achieve slim body.

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Super suction is more suitable for Building Window Cleaning Robot.

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