Decolor Optoelectronics P12.8 LED display received orders from Guizhou Maotai

[High-tech LED News] Decolor Optoelectronics carefully designed the P12.8 LED full-color display, which was ordered by the Guizhou Moutai Group. The display area is 150 square meters.

It is understood that P12.8 selects high-purity PC as the raw material of the shell, and the surface of the screen body has the characteristics of 94-V0 fireproof grade, anti-UV (ultraviolet light), high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali salt spray, etc. The kit has the advantages of no deformation, no cracking, strong tensile force, good toughness, uniform display effect, and uniform overall ink color.

According to Decolor Optoelectronics, the display has been installed and put into use, and orders for about 300 square meters will follow.

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