Fast electronic governor adopts automatic operation mode

Inlet steam pressure control software module ultra-high pressure steam inlet pressure transmitter signal is converted into a pressure signal by an analog input template and inlet steam pressure input software module, and compared with the operator's given value in this software module for PID Adjust. Adjust the output to the SS low selector, and finally control the opening of the ultra-high pressure steam valve through the actuator drive template.

Electronic governor has reliable performance and fast response time. Large steam turbine units require that the control system must have very high reliability and fast response capability. The response time requirements of the speed regulating valve and emergency shutdown shut-off valve are in the order of milliseconds to ensure the safe, stable and long operation of the steam turbine unit. The electronic governor adopts closed-loop control mode, which is different from mechanical speed governing. The components used are all reliable and high-quality instrument components, and redundant technology is introduced, so that it has very high reliability and its response The time can reach 10ms.

The unit's speed-up and speed-down process is easy to operate, and the electronic governor adopts automatic operation mode. According to the actual operation requirements of the unit, it is divided into different speed control, such as no-load speed and rated speed control. During the speed-up and speed-down process, by selecting the corresponding speed setting button, you can quickly reach the required unit speed. When the speed of the unit enters the critical speed range, it can automatically select rapid rise and fall rate values ​​(usually 10 times the normal speed) to pass the critical speed as soon as possible to avoid damage to the equipment caused by the operation in the critical speed range for a long time. . The control precision is high, and the control precision of the field programmable electronic governor is very high. Under the stable operation state of the controlled unit, the deviation between the actual control speed and the given value can reach 1r / min.

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