Foshan Xingtan completes public lighting LED transformation, energy consumption is reduced by 55%

Foshan Shunde proposed last year to complete the renovation of the public sector lighting LEDs by the end of this year. The reporter learned that Xingtan Town has taken the lead in completing the LED transformation of public domain lighting in Shizhen Street.

Xu Jincheng, deputy director of the Xingtan Town Economic and Trade Bureau, told the reporter that the LED renovation of the town began in December last year. Before the New Year's Day, the LED transformation of the main road lights under the jurisdiction of the town was completed, with 300 new installations and 2,600 renovations. Then, the lighting facilities of public facilities such as government office buildings and accreditation centers were remodeled, and nearly 11,000 lamps were replaced with LED lights.

The person in charge said, “At the end of May, the provincial LED pilot work was basically completed ahead of schedule. The road and highway lighting was brighter than the original, and the energy consumption was reduced by 55%, which played a role in energy saving.”

According to reports, in July, Xingtan will also launch LED renovation of villages, schools and hospitals in the town. At present, the LED transformation is also carried out in Longjiang and Leliu. The LED renovation project of Beibei and Daliang has also entered the bidding stage.

Wireless AP

Wireless ACCESS POINT 300mbps Mini Hotel In Wall AP Wifi Indoor High Power1 LAN Port 1 USB Charger 48V POE WDS Gateway/AP/Repeater Mode



1. Wireless access points from the wired network signal into a Wifi

2. Signal,speed up to 150M/S,convenient for Laptop,Ipad,Table PC,Mobile phones and other wireless terminals. 2. Have router function,can replace the router


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 6.Indicator shows the working status


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1.Design Mount on the wall, safe, beautiful and practical

WiFi Access Point can directly transform Mount on the wall of the room, in some public place better to ensure the safety of the equipment, has a good Security features.


2.300Mbps wireless transmission rate

WiFi Access Point adopts 2X2 MINO technology, wireless speed up to 300Mbps. Support 802.11n wireless LAN standard, can help you deal with the growing number of wireless business.


3.Easy to deploy and Maintain, save your time and energy

There has a complex environment indoor, single AP can not cover the Signal in anywhere. install a LIHON AP each room can cover the Signal perfectly .


4.Support centralized management

LIHON AP supports unified management, on the PC ,by the management software control the IP,SSID encryption of the AP.


5.Central control

A. Can find automatic/manual the AP Intranet.

B. Can control network division offered technology WA series wireless access point (AP) the FIT, and can control 256 FIT AP at most.

C. Can realize automatic distributed configuration to FIT on the AP, remote modify FIT AP configuration, to FIT the AP software upgrades and so on. Compared to traditional FAT AP, deployment of wireless controller and FIT AP mode greatly convenient for system administrators to manage the whole network.



Networking applications A : Home networking applications


Networking applications B : Hotel, School, Corporation, Hospital, Government

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Wireless AP

Wireless Ap

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