German government allocates 410 million euros for LED technology development

The German government will allocate 410 million euros in 2012 to promote the development of optical technology. As a key technology in the 21st century, Germany offers superior investment conditions.

Germany has a lot of potential in the optical technology market both in designing production processes and in the possession of new high-tech material owners. Especially in the LED field, Germany is not only one of the largest and fastest growing markets in Europe. According to Frost & Sullivan's assessment, by 2016, the growth rate of the German LED market turnover will maintain an annual growth of 26.6%.

Currently one-third of German street lighting has been used for more than 40 years and will soon be replaced. According to the new EU regulations, the installation of mercury lamps is prohibited. Therefore, the use of energy-efficient LEDs in streets and buildings will save German cities a billion euros annually.

“The huge market and attractive R&D environment in Germany, as well as the supply chain of outstanding mechanical equipment for LEDs, provide ideal conditions for Chinese companies to invest in,” commented Jonathan Schoo, expert at the German Federal Trade and Investment Agency. . “In addition, Chinese companies can also take full advantage of the advantages of manufacturing in Germany, as well as German-made brands to gain more opportunities to enter the European market,” said Schoo.

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