Grasp the last chance, the high-tech Golden Globe Awards, the top ten LED lighting brand network voting, October 31 deadline

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Zhou Jin] Come and vote! Come and vote!

2013 High-tech Golden Globe Awards - China's top ten LED lighting brand selection activities, since the second phase of the network real-name vote began on September 30, dealers, engineers and designers have continued to heat up.

After nearly a month of online real-name voting, the organizing committee has set up two major awards - the top ten LED lighting brands and distribution channels of the project. The top ten LED lighting brands have received 7,093 real-name votes as of October 28th.

As the most authoritative and grandest annual selection activity in China's LED industry, real-name system and fairness also reflect the most realistic market status in the industry. Who is the most recognized LED lighting brand in the industry, will be in November 26 The answer was revealed on the evening.

Judging from the current voting situation, the selection activities have attracted the attention and attention of so many distributors, contractors and designers. It is also an expectation for emerging brands in the LED lighting market to start this year and the traditional lighting transition market.

In recent years, downstream application-side LED lighting companies have frequently operated, and Dehao Runda has invested in NVC Lighting, launching the joint brand of Reishide Runrunda, and fully distributing the goods through the NVC channel. Qinshang Optoelectronics and Guoxing Optoelectronics are not willing to show weakness. They are building their own operation centers and flagship stores while expanding their dealer channels. Tsinghua Tongfang, Shangyu Lighting, and Zhouming Technology will increase the number of e-commerce channels.

Facts have proved that LED lighting companies have obtained initial recognition of the terminal market with long-term technological breakthroughs and brand cultivation. In the first half of the year, the disclosure of listed companies' financial reports showed that nearly 90% of LED lighting listed companies' operating income increased compared with the same period of last year, with an average increase of 22.36%. In addition, many LED display manufacturers have also transformed and expanded the LED lighting business in the past two years.

The rapid rise of the LED lighting market has allowed the industry to see new hopes. The sweet period of LED lighting has arrived, and the market is showing signs of a break. It is also an opportunity for this, the high-tech Golden Globe Awards this year the first China's top ten LED lighting brand selection significance is to make dealers more aware of the current domestic market LED lighting brand reputation and influence, attracting dealers to famous brands more Pay more attention and even promote cooperation between the two sides. On the other hand, the selection activities will also help to activate the brand competition atmosphere of the LED market, and strengthen the attention of LED manufacturers on product quality and brand.

On October 31 (Thursday), at 24 o'clock, with the end of the second stage of voting, the selection of "Top Ten LED Lighting Brands and Distribution Channels Top Ten LED Lighting Brands" will enter the number of votes and verification stage, and will be announced. The final list of finalists.

Now, from the "Top Ten LED Lighting Brands and Distribution Channels Top Ten LED Lighting Brands", the deadline for the online voting is still in the last few days. You can still log in to the event voting page and click on "I want to vote" for your supported LED. Lighting brand voting. Since the gap between the majority of candidate brands is not large, your vote may become a part of the voting on the evening of November 26th.

High-tech Golden Globe Award - Top Ten LED Lighting Brands Named:


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