High-tech Golden Globe Awards 25 dealer network voting on the 31st night closed gate "finalists" you master

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Li Jingyu] "High- tech Golden Globe Award - China LED Lighting Excellent Distributor" sponsored by Gaogong LED, since the beginning of the large-scale LED lighting industry authoritative selection activity, there are nearly 150 outstanding lightings from all over the country. The dealer enters the online voting candidate list. On October 31 (Thursday), at 24 o'clock, with the end of the second stage of voting, the "China LED Lighting Excellent Dealer" selection activity will enter the number of votes and the comprehensive evaluation stage of investigation and verification.

Now, from the "China LED Lighting Excellent Dealer" selection network voting deadline and the last few days, you can still log in to the event voting page, click "I want to vote" to vote for the outstanding dealers you support. Since the current number of votes between most dealer candidates is not large, your vote may become a good dealer to help you win a greater competitive advantage in the final comprehensive evaluation stage.

This selection activity is a high-tech LED as an industry authoritative research and media organization to break the information blockage between LED lighting companies and dealers, and build a communication bridge between manufacturers and channels.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED, said earlier that from the perspective of industrial development trends and future market patterns, the revolution and competition in lighting channels is the most intense. No matter whether it is a manufacturer or a merchant, there is not much time to wait.

Judging from the current channel status, although emerging LED companies have great advantages in product technology, cost control and price, the channel construction capability is still very weak. Traditional lighting companies are equipped with powerful channel resources, making it easier to market their LED products quickly and on a large scale.

Many LED manufacturers have complained to reporters: the most difficult place for product promotion is industry chaos, information asymmetry, and no effective dissemination. Due to the traditional lighting era in the past, the brand awareness and influence of most dealers are only limited by the local market, so it is difficult to be explored and familiar by foreign manufacturers, hindering the barrier-free communication and communication between manufacturers.

This is also the "High-tech Golden Globe Award - China LED Lighting Excellent Dealer" event has been held so far, dealers across the country actively responded to participate.

Many of the dealers in Guangzhou said to reporters: "At present, the dealer selection activities are relatively new, and the activities held at the door of their own homes must of course be supported."

At the same time, the online voting activities of dealers are also in full swing. Up to now, nearly 5,000 LED companies and distributors including offline voting have participated in the voting. After the strict screening of 150 finalists, they are also continually canvassing to win more votes, and the final number of votes. Ranking will also be the main determinant of the final comprehensive ranking.

The Golden Globe Awards Organizing Committee said that it would once again appeal to all major LED lighting companies to quickly vote for a dealer that you think is quite powerful. Perhaps the prelude of your cooperation will be opened, and your terminal channel structure will also be change……

High-tech Golden Globe Award - China LED Lighting Excellent Dealer Network Real Name Vote Website:


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