How to distinguish true and false OLED color screen

How to distinguish true and false OLED color screen

As the end of the year approaches, major IT vendors will prepare for a new round of battlefield battles. In the MP3 market some time ago, due to the fierce competition, nearly one hundred production workshops were eliminated. There are many well-known manufacturers, and the surviving enterprises are about to face another round of competition at the end of the year. Market-oriented competition brings about a decline in industry profits. The decline in industry profits will definitely lead to a longer period of return on investment. At this time, enterprises in the industry have made changes. ". The positive market atmosphere has made many manufacturers make a lot of efforts. However, recently, we found that there are a lot of fake news on the market, and the publicity specifications and product specifications have different data, and the phenomenon is particularly serious on MP3 screen materials, many manufacturers obviously produce CSTN screens, but In the promotion, it is said that it is an OLED screen, and there are also many well-known brands, which brings great confusion to the source. In order to eliminate consumers' concerns about buying fake screens, here are some methods to identify them.

First let us understand some MP3 screen materials. At present, MP3 players can be divided into ordinary LCD screens and color LCD screens according to their display screens, and color screens can be divided into TFT, OLED color screens, CSTN color screens, as far as the current market is concerned. The two materials used most are OLED and CSTN. Both screens are 65,000 full-colors, and these two materials are the best in the market. The focus of the editor today is how to distinguish the two screens.

First, the distinction of colors. OLED and CSTN can be easily distinguished in the color of the screen. Because OLED is a self-luminous material that does not require a background light source, the color is uniform, the color is relatively bright, and it is close to the original effect. The light transmittance is worse than that of OLED. When displaying a pure black screen, CSTN will still show very slight background light, making the entire color uneven, which is also a typical performance of CSTN;

Second, the difference between the wide viewing angle and the limited viewing angle: the viewing angle of the OLED is very large, and it can reach a 170-degree angle. No matter what angle, we can clearly see the font and color on the display, while , OLED can still see the screen display under the sun, but CSTN can not achieve this effect, the viewing angle is far inferior to OLED, only to see the color inside from the front of the screen, CSTN is impossible at other angles You can see clearly. Furthermore, the CSTN screen will become dark under the sunlight, and you can't see clearly. This is the biggest difference between the two, and it is also the easiest technique for door recognition;

Let's take a look at the comparison picture: the two products in the picture above are in the playback state, the left side is the CSTN screen, and the right side is the OLED screen.

Third, the power effect: OLED has been recognized by the industry as the next generation of mainstream display technology because of its many superior performances. It is thinner, lighter, high-definition, fast refreshing, low energy consumption, low temperature (minus 40) Celsius performance is still good) and excellent seismic performance, potentially low manufacturing costs, flexible and environmentally friendly design, etc., and these are power, CSTN is slightly inferior in comparison.

Fourth, the price. In the current international market, the price of an OLED screen is probably between 13 and 14 dollars, while the CSTN is between 5 and 6 dollars. Maybe in terms of price, it is difficult for consumers to identify the characteristics of the product, but what to remind consumers is that if the same is a 128M or 256M OLED screen MP3, if the price difference is about 100 yuan, then there is completely It may be that the merchants are doing false propaganda.

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