Is it necessary to use a smart box to insert a network cable?

Is using a smart box only in the wired network? Or is it stable to use as a wireless network? Take a look ~!

The old box needs to be inserted into the cable

If you have a long shelf, you need to insert a cable to use it.

New box can be used without cable

Most of the boxes in the market today can support wireless connection. Wirelessly plugging in the network cable can be easily used by connecting WIFI. For example, Tianwei Servo Smart Box, Tmall Box, and Millet Box, which do not need to be plugged into the network cable and directly connected to WIFI. .

Wired networks are more stable than wireless networks.

Inserting the cable directly, the quality of the network will be more stable than the wireless connection, which is undoubtedly, but the difference depends on the network you use.

The fan motor – an important component in industrial facilities.
Fans and their motors have become indispensable in modern industrial plants. Whether for ventilation of warehouses, cold stores for cooling or just for fresh air – fan motors are everywhere. The various fans available hardly differ in terms of function, but rather in their area and in the area of use. It is easy to recognize that a fan for cooling must meet other requirements as a fan for air-conditioning systems. Further attention should be paid to the control and energy efficiency. For new regulations, for example by frequency inverters, the energy consumption is reduced, and the life of the fan motors is also prolonged.

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