Japan Seiki will provide low-cost new OLED lighting panel samples

Nippon Seiki announced that it will provide samples of new OLED lighting panels from May 9, 2012. It is characterized by a very cheap price, and the price of a 90mm square panel sample is 8,000 yen.

Nippon Seiki said that the low price was achieved because of the use of existing passive matrix OLED display production lines and technologies, and no new investment. In terms of OLED materials, low-molecular fluorescent materials that can be stably supplied to passive OLED displays at low cost have been selected. In addition, considering that OLED lighting will begin to be fully popular in 2015, the company is also considering the use of other materials such as phosphorescent materials and delayed fluorescent materials in the medium and long term.

The sample performance parameters are as follows: brightness is 1000cd/m2 (maximum brightness is 3000cd/m2), average color rendering index Ra is above 80, color temperature is 3000K (incandescent color) or 5000K (warm white), and life is 30,000 hours (initial The brightness is 1000 cd/m2 attenuated to 70% of the time).

Japan Seiki has prepared standard samples of three shapes. The panel dimensions are (1) 90 mm x 90 mm x 1.9 mm; (2) 140 mm x 38 mm x 1.9 mm; (3) 280 mm x 38 mm x 1.9 mm. In terms of luminous flux, (1) and (3) are 45 lm, and (2) is 20 lm.

Japan Seiki believes that the uniformity and stability of the sample have reached the level of actual lighting products. Since 2004, Nippon Seiki has been mass-produced for passive OLED displays for on-board instruments, etc., and this performance has been achieved with the use of fluorescent component technology accumulated in this field. In addition, the company said that although the brightness can be further improved, this priority has increased the life and uniformity with brightness.

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