JOT Automation double-track laser cutting machine is available

JOT Automation presents a new dual-track laser cutting machine in Korea. The equipment is used to meet the needs of electronic manufacturers for laser sub-boarding, cutting, dicing and processing of batch products. The compact size of the equipment, the extremely fast product changeover, and the patented, fixtureless design help to increase the efficiency of mass production. The flexible and cost-effective solution provides added value for material processing, and the dual-track laser cutting machine is available in both online and offline modes.

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JOT Automation laser cutting machine is suitable for non-metal processing. The object can be metal-containing, but the processing part should be free of metal. The equipment can be cost-effectively processed for a wide range of products and keeps the cut flat. These products include flexible, rigid and rigid-flexible PWB, plexiglass, Teflon, paper and other organic materials. The focal length of the device can be adjusted so that products of different thicknesses can be processed.

The JOT Automation laser cutting machine provides you with a fast, precise laser process and keeps the cuts flat. Thanks to the application of laser technology, the device adopts non-contact cutting, and the simple and independent programming environment with fine cuts provides users with more free design space. The laser cutting machine is easy to set up and easy to set up, helping to increase the manufacturer's productivity, and can easily set up an automation product line with JOT Automation's feeder and final assembly equipment.

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