LED high-efficiency lighting promoted into campus

LED high-efficiency lighting promoted into campus A few days ago, the event ''Light/Energy Conservation and Health'' quality promotion of ''LED efficient lighting products into campus'' was held on the campus of Beijing Jiaotong University.

In recent years, with the expansion of the scale of colleges and universities in our country, the energy consumption of colleges and universities has greatly increased, and it has become a big consumer of electricity. How to solve the problem of saving electricity and electricity has become a major topic for energy saving and emission reduction personnel in various campuses. Semiconductor lighting is another revolution in lighting sources after incandescent and fluorescent lamps. It has the advantages of small size, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and is a strategic emerging industry that promotes energy conservation and emission reduction. The theme of this activity is “Energy Saving, Light and Health”. The aim is to promote the energy-saving head of colleges, faculty, staff and students to have more knowledge and understanding of LED products of the enterprise, promote energy saving and emission reduction, and build a beautiful campus.

At present, the LED lighting market is still dominated by lighting projects. How can these owners of these projects purchase assured products with guaranteed quality, establish excellent LED industry brands, and improve the status quo of semiconductor lighting market confusion and uneven product quality as soon as possible, and jointly create The confidence labels of government procurement and consumer market choices support the implementation of relevant national policies. The National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D and Industry Alliance (CSA) has actively explored and implemented various aspects:

The first is to carry out the semiconductor lighting industry standardization work. In September 2012, under the guidance of the National Standards Committee and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Alliance established the Standardization Committee (CSAS). At present, the Alliance Standards Committee has organized 21 alliance standards, among which the LED spotlights and LED downlights have been upgraded to four national standards, and road lighting specification interfaces and luminous flux decay acceleration tests have been incorporated into the National Development and Reform Commission. The National Standards Committee’s “One-hundred-thir Energy Efficiency Standards”. At the same time, the Alliance Standards Committee is leading a national standard project and participates in two national standards. The establishment of alliance standards has played a positive role in promoting the healthy and orderly development of emerging industries.

Second, the alliance and Fangyuan Mark Certification Group Product Certification Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fangyuan certification) to carry out the advantages of resource cooperation, to carry out voluntary certification of semiconductor lighting energy-saving products. The two sides held a cooperation signing ceremony in Shanghai on September 1, 2013, which regards the CSA Alliance Standard as an important basis for the LED/ELI certification in China and further promotes the healthy and rapid development of the semiconductor lighting industry. At present, the alliance has jointly launched a quality science popularization agency and Fangyuan certification to launch LED science popularization activities for companies to establish brand promotion products.

Third, in order to guide and nurture the market, based on the overall development of the semiconductor lighting industry, the Alliance plans to establish a network of display transaction service platforms across the country, explore new business models for semiconductor lighting, and build professional platforms for companies to expand domestic and foreign markets. Provide users with quality assurance products. Starting from East China, CSA launched the CSA China (East China) LED Application Promotion Center (CSAPC) in a timely manner. At present, CSAPC has ushered in the first batch of intentional cooperation companies on July 19th. It is the first domestic industry and consumer confidence market created by the alliance. It will strive to create a market that is reliable, promotes assured products, and marks product certification “ELI”. Relying on the endorsement of high-quality LED lighting products to ensure the unobstructed sales of high-quality products. In order to promote the construction of new LED lighting channels and market standardization, and truly realize the effective interaction between manufacturing, sales, and application of LED lighting, CSAPC has fully launched the footprint program, and truly plays the role of “up-to-bottom manufacturing enterprise and service down-end user”. The role of CSAPC this platform can really help LED lighting applications to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises, regulate the domestic LED lighting application market order, and guide the LED lighting industry restructuring.

Fourth, in order to more vividly present the charm of semiconductor lighting to the public and set benchmarks and confidence for the industry, the alliance will be the “National Semiconductor Lighting Innovation Contest” sponsored by the former Union at the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the launch of China’s “National Semiconductor Lighting Project”. "The "China Semiconductor Lighting Industry Recommended Activities" has been integrated to launch the "CSA Semiconductor Lighting Industry's Annual Selection" large-scale public welfare activities integrating products and corporate evaluations. It aims to "regulate the market, establish benchmarks, and honor advanced products," leading semiconductors. The sustainable and healthy development of the lighting industry will continue to create a bright new chapter for the leap of the semiconductor lighting industry.

Fifth, stepping out of the circle of LED industry, actively interacting with industry associations and enterprises in related industries (peak forums, top-to-bottom procurement connections, application demonstrations in various fields, etc.) to form an interoperable system of resources with related industries to help enterprises achieve different levels of communication. Barriers to industry information, establish direct communication between the company and the owner.

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