LinkedIn is careful about Facebook’s North American job search function

【Global Technology Reporter Zhang Zhiying】 For Facebook users looking for jobs, now they really need to delete the photos on the webpage, because starting today, job seekers have a new way to find a job - Facebook.

Facebook now allows companies in the United States and Canada to post vacancies on the Facebook homepage and add new job bookmarks. In Facebook and Facebook Messenger, users can track job applications and communicate directly with businesses. To date, this feature has been tested for some time and used by some small businesses.

“It takes three minutes to fill in the information and put it up. Then someone will see the post, talk to us, and it will be done,” said Wendy Grahn, a Chicago-based lake view kitchen and market. Co-founder of the company (Lakeview Kitchen and Market). This approach makes it easy for hiring companies to connect with potential job seekers. Facebook therefore has some advantages in the competition.

When the applicant clicks on the “Apply Now” button, a form will pop up, including some pre-filled information they provided when they signed up for Facebook, making the job of applying for a job as easy as posting a post. Applicants will be able to control their Facebook profile and choose which parts to share with their employer.

This feature allows job postings to appear in the newsletter posts of potential applicants. Even employers who are not aware of related companies and positions will still have the opportunity to contact them again.

However, new features mean that posting on public social networks and sharing information with your future bosses is even more important than ever before, because they are reading your posts at the moment.

A recent study by the American Automatic Data Processing Company (ADP) found that 14.4 million people seek help from social media when they are looking for a job. Employers who use social media to recruit suitable candidates represent a staggering 73%, and almost half (about 42%) of employers say they think the quality of applicants has improved.

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