Lynx Box network connection exceptions to solve this problem

In the process of using Tmall's magic box, we often encounter network abnormalities. TV boxes cannot be used normally. How to solve this problem? We must first investigate the causes of these network abnormalities. Let Xiao Bian teach you a few steps to solve the problem below.
First eliminate the system problem: restart, restore the factory settings, reset all try to see if it can return to normal.
Lynx box reset method, soft recovery method:
Go to "Settings - About - Restore Factory Settings" and click "Confirm Restore".
Second, hard recovery:
1. First make sure that all external devices are unplugged during the recovery process, leaving only the box.
2. Use the hard needle to hold the (remains of the box on the back of the box on the 1st-generation box; 1s box on the back of the box) and keep it pressed.

3. When you press and hold this recover hole, you must plug in the power and wait for the indicator lights to flash red and blue for about 3 seconds. 4. After you hold down the hole, you wait for the cat to jump on the TV screen. Some may have a longer time than a 4. point and wait patiently. When it appears, loose the hard needle and the system will automatically reinstall.
5. The box will restart automatically after reloading.
After excluding the hardware problem of the box, we need to consider whether it is improper network settings, so it is necessary to set a static IP address.
Lynx Box Static IP Tutorial If the Tmall Box restore factory settings are invalid, you can try to set a fixed IP for the box. Methods as below:
1. Use the Home button on the remote control to bring the page back to the home page and select the System Settings option.

2. In the System Settings page, select the "Network Settings" option.

3. In the Network Settings page, select the "Wireless Network" option.

4. Under the wireless network page, users can see the wireless network switch. If you are using the wireless network for the first time, just press the remote control's back left button to open the Tmall Box wireless network. After the wireless network is turned on, Lynx Box will automatically search for nearby wireless networks. Users can choose their own local area network to connect.

5, after the connection is complete, just click on their own network name to enter the network status display page.

From this page, the user can select the "Disconnect and cancel save" operation. The default setting of the wireless connection of Lynx Box is to obtain the IP address automatically. Of course, the user can also choose to manually change the IP address. The Lynx Box IP address will be displayed below. Of course, in addition to the IP address, there are subnet masks, gateways, DNS, and other network information.

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