Millet Box 1GB Enhanced Edition Unpacking Appreciation【Multiple Pictures】

Millet box 1GB enhanced version, the first use of CMA smart continuous memory allocation technology network set-top box, priced at 299 yuan, then its design has changed? The 1GB enhanced version of the original millet box has improved more than one level of workmanship (here is compared with the millet box 2nd generation, with the millet box 2GB enhanced version in appearance no difference), the following time to see the millet box 1GB enhanced version How is the appearance of the.

On the packaging design, the 1GB of millet box still uses the classic kraft paper box. The overall design is similar to that of the previous generation, but the packaging box should be smaller and convenient for us to store.

Box host, HDMI cable, remote control, power cord, manual and three packs of cards. This is a standard 1GB enhanced version of the millet box, and is basically the same as the previous generation.

The overall shape design is not a sense of science and technology, moving body curve looks simple, stylish, placed in the home like a work of art.

From another perspective, the 1GB enhanced version of the millet box is even more powerful, and it is equally delicate. It is 4.5% smaller than the previous generation (the millet box 2nd generation, I do not know the enhanced version of the millet box).

The body is made of polycarbonate, and the exquisite frosted treatment allows the feel to be fully liberated. The weight of 200g makes the body feel full in the hands.
The thickness of the 1GB enhanced version of the millet box is 19.5mm, and the previous generation was thinner by 7.1%.

Infrared interface, millet box enhanced version of an infrared receiver window.
After the 1GB enhanced version of the millet box, the Ethernet port was removed, a standard USB interface was added, and a built-in Micro-SD port was installed. The AV interface also expanded from the original 2.5mm to 3.5mm. The other interfaces remained unchanged.

The product is delicate and the above MI LOGO is also small and exquisite.
The bottom material has also been adjusted. The 1GB enhanced version of the millet box uses the same integrated design as the front.

We look at the overall 1GB enhanced version of the millet box.
Side close-up, only 19.5mm.

The tail design of the 1GB enhanced version of the millet box has undergone many changes, eliminating the upper jaw and making wiring easier.

Millet box 1GB enhanced appearance evaluation summary:
The overall shape of the 1GB enhanced version of the millet box is full of design, and the smooth dynamic curve is like a craft. The high standard 6-layer motherboard process and the tin alloy die-casting arc fins are used in the industrial design.
The 1GB enhanced version of the millet box not only supports 4K-level Ultra HD resolution, but also is the first network set-top box that uses the CMA intelligent continuous memory allocation technology. This product can greatly enhance the performance, but also ensure that the appearance of a more sense of design and technology, and manufacturing processes are inseparable.

The increase in USB interface and Micro SD card interface also makes high-definition playback and remote download more convenient.


Counting speed ≦1500pcs/min(For coins with a diameter of 25mm)
Diameter 14-34.0mm
Thickness 0.8-3.8mm
Hopper capacity 4000pcs
Packing/wrapping speed ≦15packages/min(For coins with a diameter of 25mm.)
Package way Hot iron
Packing bag size Length:100-140mm, Width:100mm
Operation interface HMI
Driving mode Electric
Power requirements AC 220-240V 50Hz
Current AC 6A
Power consumption 1.2KW
Noise < 70dB
Control system PLC XC5-32T-E/C

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