Millet TV smear problem how to solve?

Now the screen refresh rate of 120HZ and 240HZ technology is very mature, but many mainstream manufacturers on the market still take more than 100 screen rate, this is very puzzling, the screen rate is actually the higher the better, less than 80 screen rate TV There are smears on the screen, and the screen is incoherent. On the contrary, the effect is smooth and there is no trailing.

Indeed, I compared it to 4K TVs in shopping malls. The cars on the TV are running fast or running without obvious delays. And millet TV is very serious. In contrast, the millet TV and the real 4k TV are not a grade at all.

But my millet TV 2, not only did not watch the ball, but also can see the spherical pattern. Seeing racing racing, of course, there is no trailing.

Millet TV 2 eliminates the trailing option here:

Millet TV settings, images and sound, dynamic backlight adjustment. _ It is off by default. To change it to open is - is it not a tail!

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