Monkey sent a funny "phone" has been put on sale

Monkey sent a funny "phone" has been put on sale

This phone is called "NoPhone" and it is not a mobile phone. Domestically, we are familiar with this kind of thing. Like those swindlers who can be seen around the streets, they secretly say, "Hey, I have an iPhone. Do you want to?" Real machine, go back and change the model to finish running.

The NoPhone is a simulation model machine with no function. The production team claimed at that time that it was the safest handheld device on the earth because it was originally prepared for some areas where frequent thefts occurred. You can paste it on a film, and use it to make a phone call to defraud friends.

Monkey sent to force 73 odd wonderful "mobile" to start selling

According to foreign media reports, the aircraft has already been successfully raised on the crowdfunding website KickStarter and has begun to accept bookings. It sells for US$12, which is approximately RMB73. It is also said that there is an upgraded version of the self-timer with a mirror, priced at US$18, which is approximately RMB110.

At present, the number of reservations for the aircraft has reached about 1600 units, and the official will start shipping in December, and users in the United States will enjoy the treatment.

NoPhone was initially seen as a joke, and many users also hold this view, but NoPhone promoters now said that NoPhone can help overcome smart phone addiction problems; they even compared NoPhone with iPhone 6 in a fun and interesting way, pointing out that the former can indeed Let you enjoy the "real face time" with your friends.

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