Novice must-see: how to keep the millet TV system fresh?

Millet TV regularly updates the system to add new features or fix bugs, but there are many rice noodles that may not yet know how to update. Here is a simple tutorial for beginners, hoping to help.

The first step is to turn on the TV. Of course, the TV is first connected to the network. Wired and wireless are available. If there is an update, we will see an unread message in the top right corner of the TV screen. The previous version is 1.1. .5.D

We use the right button of the remote control to move to the notification center. This arrow key should be used by everyone.

Click on the notification center we can see the system upgrade prompts, system upgrades, find the new version of the prompt, security confirmation point to enter the next step of the upgrade preparation.

Here you can see in the top right corner of the TV, the current version is 1.1.5.d, the following tips are found in the new version, and the new version of the updated content, as shown below:

We click on Update Now, the TV will be upgraded, the progress is fast, and the operation is simple.

After the millet TV is upgraded, when downloading to 100%, there will be the following indication that MITV needs to be restarted. This is the same as the millet mobile phone upgrade, and it can be restarted after the upgrade.

After the TV restarts and enters the main page, we can look at the current new system version of Xiaomi. The specific operation is in the Xiaomi system setup - system upgrade - current version: 1.1.6.D.

Well, here, your millet TV system has been kept up to date, so that your TV can have new features to join, but also can repair some of the previous BUG, ​​suggest that you regularly update the system, for beginners believe that you have learned Millet TV's system has been updated. What are the deficiencies? Please correct me.

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