On-site ordering over 80 million yuan Jiamei LED lighting is sought after

[Text|Reporter Zhou Jianhua] "The merchants are very enthusiastic, and they have shown great confidence in the new LED products we launched this time. The order amount of the on-site credit card has reached 82.3 million yuan." Zhou Shuming, general manager of Jiamei Lighting Marketing, excited The land said to reporters. On March 26th, Jiamei Lighting's 30th Anniversary Celebration of Glory World and the Enthusiasm of the United States and the LED Spring Order Fair ended in a gorgeous ceremony. More than 600 guests witnessed the ceremony.

Figure: Merchants carefully understand new LED products

"We have been doing different things and doing different products. This year, the R&D team has launched the latest series of LED products such as LEDs and LED components. I believe this will cut the market demand." He Haopeng, Assistant Chairman of Jiamei Lighting Confidence in the introduction of "Jiamei Lighting's product development direction".

Figure: Business site actively swipe the card to place an order

In 2014, Jiamei Lighting officially completed the successful transformation of LED lighting, and the annual sales task was completed ahead of schedule and reached a new high. In particular, it achieved major breakthroughs in three levels: product, management and cooperation model. In 2015, Jiamei Lighting will focus on: brand warfare, propaganda warfare, engineering warfare, brand warfare, product warfare, technical warfare, team warfare and other eight key keywords to carry out brand upgrade.

Figure: Jiamei store products attract customer attention

It is understood that in 2014, Jiamei LED lighting increased by 89.6%, electrician increased by 60%, home lighting increased by 51%, commercial lighting decreased by 33.2%, and LED lighting sales accounted for 56.3%.

In 2015, Jiamei Lighting's marketing goal is: Jiamei LED lighting growth target of 70%, including a growth rate of 85.18% in January and February, electric and home lighting growth target of more than 50%, LED lighting sales accounted for more than 70%.

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