Online shopping LED lights are pitted businesses do not let promises empty words

Recently, Mr. Hu from Sichuan Luzhou encountered an online shopping trouble, "Net Amoy" goods have a problem, but can not be as promised by the business "10 years replacement." In desperation, Mr. Hu inquired about the registration of the “problem” company in Wangdian Town, Jiaxing City, and made a telephone complaint to the Xiuzhou District Consumer Protection Committee for help.

It is understood that in December 2013, Mr. Hu bought two LED lights in the Tmall flagship store of Jiaxing Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., and the customer service personnel at the time promised that the brand's LED lights had free quality replacement within 10 years. . However, just over a year later, Mr. Hu found that the brand LED lamp bead appeared obvious quality problems. “The light is unusually blue, and the brightness is significantly reduced, and it is no longer working properly,” Mr. Hu said. So he got in touch with the company and asked the company to make a replacement as promised. However, the other party did not agree to the exchange of goods. The reason given was that the customer service personnel who had received the order had left, and the details of the transaction could not be verified.

The relevant person in charge of the electrical company believes that although the company's products are promised for 10 years, the terms are not for the scope of accessories such as LED lamp beads, nor are they included in the scope of replacement. However, Mr. Hu has also been purchasing the certificate for too long, and the purchase certificate has been “no trace.” The phrase “10-year replacement” eventually became a foolish account.

After the acceptance of the district consumer protection committee Wangdian Consumer Protection Branch, the dispute was mediated for the first time. It is suggested that Mr. Hu will return the LED light with quality problems to the seller, and the seller should further standardize the product promotion language. The seller finally agreed to mail 2 sets of the same LED lights to Mr. Hu for free.

The relevant person in charge of the district consumer protection committee Wangdian Consumer Protection Branch believes that online shopping has become a daily consumption method, but at the same time, it brings convenience and benefits to the consumers, and there is an increase in consumer disputes. To this end, in addition to choosing a regular network distributor, consumers should also pay attention to retain transaction records in order to maintain their legitimate rights and interests in case of problems.

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