Philips OLED smart TV God casts new flagship

Tasting the future, see nothing. Philips 9 Series latest flagship model, Philips OLED surface 65POD901C/T3 smart TV. After five years, the return of the King, interpretation of the ultimate color of life, invite you to celebrate the grand event! September 15, 2016-October 15, thousands of shops Qi celebration, good manners to welcome the Double Festival. Book and purchase Philips' latest OLED series.

Gift 1: As smart is even more distinguished, during the National Day (10.1-10.7), it is planned to purchase a 901C series and a Burberry scarves.

Gift two: worth 899 yuan, a Philips air purifier, a healthy life, from now on!

In addition, buy 55PUF6850/55PUF6250 also receive a Philips electric shaver

The famous Spanish architect Gaudi once said, "The line belongs to humanity, and the curve belongs to God." Classical aesthetics theorist Hogarth believes that "curves can force the eyes to pursue them with a loving nature, and this process gives consciousness. Satisfaction we call it "beauty"; and Lin Xuetang, a master of Chinese studies, also said, "The world's creatures are all music!"

The beautiful and charming curves spread throughout the universe. The orbits of the planets are curvilinear. The elegant and charming rainbow is curvilinear. The broken arm Venus also became an artistic treasure with a graceful curvilinear body. The world-famous Parthenon temple in Athens was also designed and built. The human eye constructs the Parthenon temple with a certain curvature. These artistic masterpieces all show the grace and charm of the curves, and dwarf the tedious straight lines.

The success of art often lies in the nature of the teacher and the law. For example, the Chinese landscape lake, the stone path, the carved gallery, and the jade slab bridge can all make up for the twists and turns.

From the perspective of God, composing music

Philips 901C curved smart TV, as a new generation of new flagship models, combines arts and crafts with the inherent advantages of OLED technology. It transforms the TV screen from flat to curved, human industrial aesthetics collides with the most beautiful curve of nature, not only enhances the machine The beauty of the body is to raise the picture quality of TV to a new height.

When people watch a movie at the cinema, they can enjoy a good viewing effect no matter which seat they choose. This will benefit from the curved screen design of the cinema - so that people will not feel any distortion of the cinema screen due to different viewing angles.

From the medical point of view, the lens of the human eye is a convex lens. The focal plane formed by the focal point is a spherical arc, not a true plane. Therefore, a curved television with a suitable curvature can be closer to the actual scene seen by the human eye than the display effect of the flat TV without causing distortion of the screen.

Compared with the traditional flat-screen TVs, the curved viewing angle is wider, more in line with the physiological structure of the human eye, and can reduce the viewer's sense of fatigue.

Philips TV has been carefully calculated and devised R5000 curvature design, in line with binocular viewing perspective, can give users like IMAX theater-like surround immersion and presence, color richer and more accurate picture because of the depth of the song screen It is more vivid and charming.

Thick, thin, ancient, skillful

In addition to the striking feature of the surface, the Philips 901C has once again broken through the design limit of flat-panel TVs - thin. Since OLEDs are organic autonomous light-emitting materials and do not require backlight backplanes, the panel of OLED TVs can be thinner. With the industrial design level of Philips' superior TV sets, the Philips 901C TV's body is as thin as 6.47mm, which is as thin as an embarrassment. Wing's magic mirror!

Smart simplicity, distinguished and elegant

As a Philips OLED TV masterpiece, the 901C inherits the essence of the Philips TV 9 series from the outside to the inside, and the 65-inch pure black giant screen is distinguished and elegant under its soft simplicity and appearance. One-line, non-porous design of the metal back to the United States Meng sharp, full of future technology sense.

As the old saying goes, “The cohesion of the Tao is manifest, and this is the most abundant of them.” The agglomeration of the agglomeration of the agglomeration will be accumulated in a timely manner, and will be prosperous and powerful. "Iron powder" is looking forward to the new Philips 9 series OLED surface smart TV, condensed the latest technology, craftsmanship, heritage of the essence of the previous series, after five years, the return of the king, as the song, will once again lead the surface TV trend.
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