Photoelectric sensor application

Photoelectric sensor: It is a key component for photoelectric conversion in various photoelectric detection systems. It is a device that converts optical signals (infrared, visible, and ultraviolet radiation) into electrical signals.

The photoelectric sensor is a photoelectric device as a conversion element sensor. It can be used to detect non-electrical quantities that directly cause light quantity changes, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation temperature measurement, gas composition analysis, etc.; it can also be used to detect other non-electrical energy that can be converted into light quantity changes, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain , displacement, vibration, speed, acceleration, as well as the shape and working status of the object. Photoelectric sensors have the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance, and are widely used in industrial automation devices and robots. In recent years, new optoelectronic devices continue to emerge, especially the birth of CCD image sensors, which has created a new page for the further application of photoelectric sensors.


First, smoke turbidity monitor to prevent industrial smoke pollution is one of the important tasks of environmental protection. In order to eliminate industrial smoke and dust pollution, we must first know the amount of smoke and dust emissions, so we must monitor the smoke source, automatically display and exceed the standard alarm. Flue dust turbidity in the flue is detected by the size of the change in light transmission through the flue. If the turbidity of the flue gas increases, the light emitted by the light source is increased by the absorption and refraction of smoke particles, and the light reaching the photodetector is reduced. Therefore, the intensity of the output signal of the photodetector can reflect the change of the turbidity of the flue.

2. Photocells in Photoelectric Detection and Automatic Control When photocells are used as photodetectors, the basic principles are the same as photodiodes, but their basic structure and manufacturing process are not exactly the same. Since the photovoltaic cell does not require an applied voltage during operation, it has a high photoelectric conversion efficiency, a wide spectral range, good frequency characteristics, and low noise, and it has been widely used for photoelectric readout, photoelectric coupling, raster distance measurement, laser collimation, and movie playback. , UV light monitors, and flameout protection devices for gas turbines.

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