Pickering Electronics Launches High Voltage Reed Relay

Recently, Pickering Electronics has introduced a high-voltage reed relay with the highest quality instrument-grade reed switch. The isolation voltage can be switched from 1 kW to 10 watts at 10 watts on a 10 watt switch, making it suitable for use in the most demanding environments. . The 104 series is a single-row reed relay with a voltage range exceeding the conventional SIL relays. They are suitable for transformers, cable tests or any other automatic test equipment in high voltage environments, especially when switching mains voltages, such as controlling and isolating thyristor or thyristor gate circuits.

They are available in two configurations: 1 or 2 Type A and (Normally Open) or 1 Type B (Normally Closed). When stacked, the micron metal mesh is built in to eliminate magnetic interference. There are three types of reed switches used to isolate 1, 1.5, and 3 kV DC. The 3,000-volt reed switch increases the gap between the switch and the coil pins to accommodate higher voltages.

The 60/65 series and 62/63 series can isolate up to 15 kV, and 50 watts can switch 12.5 kV. Tungsten-plated contacts have long life and durability.

There are two configurations to choose from: Type A (Normally Open) and Type B (Normally Closed), and usually a Type A and Type B can be used to implement a Type C (Conversion Type) function.

The 60 series is a traditional top welding installation and the 65 series is a printed circuit installation. The 62 series is a traditional top push-fit connection, while the 63 series uses a printed circuit installation with a top push high-voltage connection.

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