PS VR Horror New Work "They Are Lying" Fall landing!

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On August 2nd, Beijing time, at the end of the 2016 ChinaJoy game show, Sony not only brought us the PS VR device experience, but also introduced several new VR game titles. Among them, Baidu VR Xiaobian’s concern is a horror game. "Here They Lie" (they are lying), this game was jointly developed by independent game developer Tangentlemen and SIE's Santa Monica Studios. The price is not currently announced, but the sale time is basically confirmed this year. (2016) The first Sony PS VR platform in autumn.

"They Are Lying" is a terrifying new horror game in which players are placed in a distorted, bizarre world. This game does not bring sudden surprise to the player, but slowly and more systematically makes the player gradually feel worried and fearful. Tangentlemen not only achieved this effect through virtual art style, but also used stereo audio and Lighting to increase the suspense atmosphere in the game.

In the first trailer's image, the hammerhead shark seems to be gliding in the air, the fuzzy creature has a prominent antlers, and the human-like character does not have a pig's face or actually has a pig's head. As the introduction said: "The player is faced with moral choices for life and death, sometimes their lives are threatened, and sometimes strange residents in that world are at risk."

The price of "They Are Lying" has not been specified in the shop search, but it is like "Tumble VR" ("Quality Building Blocks VR") (7.99 pounds) and "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood". Games like £15.99 have gone up, so its final price should soon appear.

Consumers who have pre-ordered the PlayStation VR headset will have to wait patiently during the end of the year. More than 50 games will be compatible with this display.

For more information on "Here They Lie," please keep an eye on Baidu's VR community (micro-signal: BDVRbbs). Xiaobian will continue to cover relevant content for everyone.

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