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Yidian Android Player FAQ

One, no screen display
Second, the image display abnormal
Third, how to set up the network
Fourth, about live TV
No sound
Six, play problems
Seven, Android application software
Eight, can connect wireless keyboard and mouse
Nine, mobile remote control tutorial
Ten, how to do after the default settings are restored?


One, no screen display

1, power on the machine to see if the red light in front of the machine is not lit, to determine whether there is boot; if the boot light is not lit, the TV is not displayed, some of the power supply problem, you can suggest that the user find Without the 5V2A power supply switched on and on, some routers have a 5V power supply, which can be connected and tested. However, please be careful that you cannot connect more than 5V power supply, and you will burn the machine.

2, what line is connected with the TV, the TV to go to the appropriate channel; for example, is to use the HDMI cable to connect with the TV, look at the TV on the connection interface where the label, if HDMI3, according to the TV Remote control switch to HDMI3 status;

3. When there is no image on the HDMI connection, the power is turned off, and then the power is turned on. It is still inaccessible and you can reflash the firmware.

4. When the AV output is not displayed, press the button on the blue button on the remote control. When there is still no image, you need to connect to the HDMI to enter the setting display. Set NTSC, then connect the AV back, or upgrade to the latest firmware. .

Second, the image display abnormal

1. Image black and white: Normally AV display black and white, because our machine default is NTSC output, the general color TV default is PAL, two modes are different, there will be the phenomenon of images black and white, you press the menu on the TV - function - color , Mode tune into ntsc. Or in the machine settings - advanced settings - display - output mode to PAL, the image will change back to color.

2. Incomplete Screen or Screen Capture: Go to Machine Settings - Advanced Settings - Display - Screen Fit ticks, or adjust the screen size directly by trimming the screen.

Third, how to set up the network

1. Wireless: Go to Settings - Wireless Network, selected as Opened. Normally the following shows the wireless router that can be searched around. Move the cursor to the wireless router to be connected. Press the OK button on the remote control, a password will come out. Input box, move the cursor to the password input box, press OK again, it will come out a virtual keyboard with password input, press up, down, left and right on the remote control, input password, then press up, down, left, right, switch to connection, press OK button, display Connected means the connection is successful; if you cannot switch to the virtual keyboard bar when using the remote control, it is recommended to return to the Settings language and input method and select the remote control input method.

A, search for wireless:

(1) Check if the wireless network is turned on in the setup;
(2) Reduce the distance between the machine and the wireless router (usually it is 10 meters without blocking, but this depends on the power of the router.)
(3) Whether the router's WIFI broadcast is open, you can open the router's WIFI broadcast or use a manually connected WIFI connection.

B. WIFI instability: wireless parameters in the wireless router settings have an option band, 1-13 optional, default 6 or 7, is the standard 2450MHZ, 1 is generally 2410 or 2420, 13 is generally 2490 or 2470, selected 1 or 13, save the restart route, the principle is the same as the previous one, to avoid interference as much as possible, and devices such as the wireless mouse standard setting 2.4G can also avoid mutual interference to some extent. Or select channel 11;

C, WIFI is connected, the network will not be used.

(1) Whether the router is correctly connected to the Internet and check whether other devices connected to the router can access the Internet normally.
(2) Power off the router, then click on the connected router, choose not to save, and then reconnect WIFI;
(3) Check whether the router has DHCP service enabled. If not, please open or use static IP settings.
(4) If the connection is a wireless MODEM, you need to use the "broadband dialing" dial-up number to access the Internet.
Or enter the advanced settings of WIFI, manually set the IP, and the IP network obtained by the Ping player on the LAN computer can be connected. Check whether the connection with the router is normal.

2. Wired: Go to Settings - Wired Network, Select to Open, you can check the dynamics first, then click Save, then set static, manually enter the four items saved; manually entered four do not understand, please Referring to the network parameters on the computer, change the last digit of the IP (another number between 2-255).
Set static IP, if prompted: setup failed: Please enter a valid character 0--255, this prompt is an input error, please check whether the input number exceeds 255, and note that the symbol "." must be entered in English Enter the law.

3. Dialing number: When there is no router, you need to set the dialing number. When the method is set, please set - Advanced Settings - Ethernet - Advanced Configuration - Static IP, manually enter a static IP, and then go to all applications there. No., where dialing is set.
(Currently, only one kind of wired and wireless can be used. After connecting one type and the other type, you need to set the front and disconnect or close it.)

Fourth, about live TV

1, how to look:
Find the TV live broadcast software, click to open the TV broadcast, this software supports the up and down keys to change the Taiwan, digital keys for Taiwan, channel list for Taiwan, you can switch the screen ratio and switch the video source. Of course, you can also install other live TV programs to get richer programming resources. For example, Sohu.

2, the network requirements:
It is recommended to use 2M network, it is better to use 4M or higher bandwidth to watch live TV. The telecom network viewing experience will be better, Unicom second, and other operators’ network viewing experience is not particularly satisfactory.

3, overseas Taiwan can not see:
Due to the national policy and the Great Wall firewall restrictions, we cannot guarantee that we can see overseas TV channels.

4, TV broadcast is not clear:
CCTV and TV's video source have better picture quality, and some local stations have poor picture quality. We will continue to optimize the replacement of good quality video sources on the server. You can upgrade your updates online.

5, can see local stations such as Shanghai Five Star Sports:
There are 300 local TV channels in the live TV program, but the country is vast and there are too many administrative divisions. We can't guarantee that you can see any local TV station you want to see. But you can install some other live TV software to try it out.

6, whether you can digital change Taiwan: Yes.

No sound

1. There is no sound problem in the standby part of the low-level firmware. When there is no sound, you can disconnect the power and then restart the power. Check whether there is any sound in the game. If the sound is normal and the game is normal, you can upgrade the firmware. solve.

2. If the HDMI cable is not connected properly, there will be only the case where there is no sound in the image. Unplug the HDMI cable at both ends and reconnect it. Sometimes it can be solved.
If the above two still remain unsolved, in the tool-settings-advanced settings-sound-audio output mode to adjust the AUDIO-HDMI. Can be connected to the AV watch, look at the two outputs are no sound, or only HDMI no sound, you can Look under the firmware brush, if not, can only be excluded, for HDMI cable, TV.

Six, play problems

1, play cards, color cast (local hard disk): the local decoding is not very good, if the code stream is too high, there will be this problem, follow-up will upgrade the firmware to improve the local decoding problem;
2, network video playback card: Rabbit seems to have a speed, test, live high-definition video, do not select those stations with insufficient speed; to avoid peak times and reduce WIFI interference is also necessary
3, the screen is not clear: the clarity of online video depends mainly on the network server resources, with the computer to see the same reason online video, there are clear, but also very poor, it is recommended to install high-definition version of the online video software, When selecting online video software, try to use for PAD version with HD version, the effect will be better.

Seven, Android application software

1. How to install the software: Download the good sofa butler ( into the SD card or U disk, insert it into the player, select the tool in the main interface of the player - file manager - SD or USB device - select APK file to install;

2. Some software, especially software used for mobile phones, can only use wireless. It cannot be connected to the network cable. This is a partial limitation, not the player;

3, temporarily does not support the software moved to the SD card, after moving, the software can not be used, and the icon can not be uninstalled, the temporary solution is to classify the icon to the undefined column.

Eight, can connect wireless keyboard and mouse

Can be connected to 2.4g wireless mouse and keyboard, then the mouse will be more convenient to operate. Part of the connection did not respond, it is recommended to pull out other peripherals such as U disk, only a wireless receiver, and the wireless receiver is connected to the back of the USB interface, the player power off and restart, still If there is no response, it is not a good idea to look at the USB interface with another USB mouse or USB flash drive.

Nine, restore the default settings after the software is not how to do?

Can not be free to restore the default value, some software will disappear after the recovery, you can re-download in the mall, in addition to install random software.

Ten, install the software

Hello, put the downloaded sofa butler ( into the SD card or U disk, insert it into the player, select the tool - file manager - SD or in the main interface of the player USB device - select APK file to install;

Eleven, brush machine is not successful for several reasons

1. Reformat SD card or change SD card;
2, in strict accordance with the upgrade instructions upgrade;
3, re-download upgrade firmware package.

12. Does S1 support 5.1 channels? Do you support DTS?

After actual testing, it is determined that the source code and decoding output of DTS and AC3 are supported, but there may be inaccurate positioning during the output of the source code.

Thirteen, can not be the same as set-top boxes, boot automatically broadcast TV

This can have, in the TV broadcast inside presses the menu key, the start-up choice is, later opens the player, will automatically enter the TV broadcast.

Fourteen, can not handle the game handle

Hello, it can support most models of USB handles, but it is not guaranteed to support all model handles.

15. Is there an online upgrade feature? Why download it?

Online upgrade is aimed at incremental upgrade packages and some users who can use the network normally. Other upgrades need to be upgraded by downloading an upgrade file.

16, why must use SD card upgrade, U disk not?

Because the Android system does not support U disk well, only SD upgrade is used in important upgrades. General upgrade can be through U disk.

Seventeen, the machine description is 4G memory, why can only see 2G?

The built-in 4G memory, which contains 1G for the storage system, is hidden and will not be displayed. There is 1G for installing the software, and 2G is the space for storing files.

18. The remote controller did not respond

1, please ensure that the remote control within the effective control range
2, please replace the battery
3, the battery is installed with the correct polarity (positive to positive, negative to negative)
4, remove the obstacle between the remote control and the machine
5, using a mobile phone with a camera function to detect the remote control is not good: the phone is open to the camera status, the phone is just a few clicks on the remote control, in the camera lens to see the remote control when the head there is no light in the flash In some cases, it is good to represent the remote control, or it may be a problem with the receiving head of the machine. If not, it is a problem with the remote control. The remote controller manufacturer's warranty is within one month after receipt of the goods. If it exceeds the warranty period, it can be purchased in the store.

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