Sharing: Road lighting system solutions based on the Internet of Things

1 Introduction

With the development of urban economy and scale, various types of roads are getting longer and longer, the number of motor vehicles is increasing rapidly, and the traffic flow at night is getting larger and larger. The quality of road lighting directly affects traffic safety and urban development. How to improve road lighting quality, reduce energy consumption, and achieve green lighting has become a key issue in urban lighting. The primary task of road lighting is to provide safe and comfortable lighting brightness on the basis of saving public energy, to reduce traffic accidents and improve transportation efficiency. Due to the limitations of infrastructure conditions, there is a general lack of communication links for streetlights. The streetlight control method generally only controls the entire road and cannot measure and control each lamp. Based on the Internet of Things, this paper designs an embedded wireless street lamp control module, which realizes the wireless autonomous network of each street lamp, so that each street lamp can be telemetry and remote control, and some units in the street lamp facility (such as electronic ballast) Connected to achieve the brightness (or illuminance) of the street lamp in 30% ~ 100% steplessly adjustable, in the case of ensuring road lighting quality, improved identification and visual comfort, save energy 20 ~ according to ambient light intensity and time period 30%.

2 system structure

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