Solar drones will be the future trend

As the price of drones continues to decrease, farmers can have the ability to purchase a drone for observation of crops, and farmers can use their drones to test their farms every day so that they can be accurately tracked. The growth conditions and various changes of farmland crops.

It is possible to purchase a model drone (aeromodel) for only $50. In addition to the daily entertainment for the user, the drone is also playing an important role in productivity, especially solar energy. The use of human-machine, solar drones is very rich, it can help monitor climate, environment and cargo transportation.

Sustainable farm

According to MIT's assessment, low-cost agricultural drones will be used to observe the growth of crops. In the past, farmers often hire manned aircraft to pay up to $1,000 per hour to observe crops (growth, irrigation, decay, Pests, infections, etc.) Many farmers have now turned to solar-powered drones that can fly low-altitude over farm fields and collect crop growth and data.

Environmental protection

Solar drones will be increasingly used in the environmental protection process. Aero ironment's “Puma” drone is the first drone to be used by the FAA. Currently the company's drones. Used to detect and observe tubing and environmental conditions in sensitive areas. Puma is also used to flow glaciers and record the ecological situation of leaks. Puma can be said to be a low-carbon, low-noise drone that has little impact on the environment when used. In addition to Puma's drones, Insitu, Insitu also plays a role in detecting tubing, tracking environmental changes and forest fires.

Global industry expansion

In addition to its role in the sustainable industry, solar drones are also driving the development of the express delivery industry and the service industry. Rwanda is preparing to establish the world's first UAV cargo transfer station. The UAV cargo transfer station will provide suburban goods. The ability to receive important resources (eg mechanical equipment and food, etc.), in the future drones can carry 100 pounds of goods. Other well-known drone express projects include Amazon's PrimeAir service, and domestic SF and Jingdong are testing drones.

Construction in remote areas

UAVs can do much more than just transporting goods. In addition to commercial use, it can play an important role in other areas, such as Internet construction. Currently, the cost of building Internet infrastructure is almost 4,000 US dollars, and Facebook is working on Human-machine construction of the Internet, drones can change the way the Internet access, Facebook's drone is the use of solar energy, and can guarantee three months of battery life. Because Facebook's drones fly at an altitude of 80,000 feet, there is no need to worry about the weather. In addition to Facebook, the unmanned aircraft manufacturer TItan erospace, which was acquired by Google, is doing something similar to Facebook (providing network services for the region)

In summary, with the popularity of satellites and the development of solar drones, human dependence on fossil resources is becoming less and less, and we can use these emerging technologies to protect the environment, which is also Development plays a catalytic role. They will bring a more friendly experience in the near future, and the impact on the ecological environment tends to zero.


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