Strong eight-core, box king! Huishibao M9 shocked!

At the beginning of 2016, a series of 64-bit chip boxes, represented by Jing Chen S905, appeared on the market of network players, which occupies a certain market share due to its low power consumption, high performance, and high cost performance. After that, Jing Chen introduced the S912 chip, how different is it from other chips that are also 8-core? For a time, there were many discussions in the industry and they were mixed. Recently, the famous domestic box brand Huishibao launched an 8-core high-performance network player M9 equipped with Jing Chen S912 chip, using Amlogic S912 eight-core Cortex-A53 CPU, 2G memory, 8G/16G flash memory, and dual-band wifi band. AC, Bluetooth 4.0, more support for audio fiber and HDMI2.0 output, support for HDR 10bit/4K@60fps/H.265/VP9, HDMI2.0a, AVS+, CVBS, Dolby and many other features. Looking at the parameters is indeed strong, in the end we can take the lead, after the assessment, we decided a high and low.

▲The appearance of the Huishibao M9 is a combination of black and color blocks. The front of the box is marked in English. The obvious OTT TVBOX shows that the M9 is a box that focuses on the overseas market, and the “4k” symbol in the lower right corner is discolored. , Shows 4K Full HD is the main highlight.

â–² As before, the back of the box is still marked in English, and many functions such as 3D, 4K, and KODI are marked by color charts.

▲ The packaging adopts a two-tiered upper and lower design method. A box mainframe is placed on the upper left side, and the right side is still a “4K” mark. The surrounding paper trays tightly set the boxes at the top to ensure the stability of transportation.

â–² The bottom part seems to be a bit cluttered. The remote control, power supply, HDMI HD cable, dual male flashing cable, manual & warranty card are put together.

▲ The Huishibao M9 whole body is made of white high-quality engineering plastics, advanced extrusion technology and precision machining injection molding. Circular arc design is adopted around the box. The upper middle part of the box is silk-screened with the “4K” logo, and the lower end “Int box” means. For the Internet box.

â–² The bottom of the box is the product nameplate in the middle. There are a lot of strip-shaped heat dissipation holes on the upper and lower sides, and the product barcode and MAC address on the lower end.

â–²The interface is designed in the back of the box. From left to right, they are DC 5V/2A power input interface, optical fiber audio interface, AV interface, RJ45 wired network interface, HDMI high-definition output interface, 2 USB2.0 interfaces, and interface. The AV interface of the old TV is more intimate. The fly in the ointment is that the two USB interfaces are too tight. In actual operation, there are many inconveniences in plugging and unplugging. In addition, no independent power switch is provided, which is not convenient enough.

â–² The waist line designed by the groove pattern increases the sense of technology and agility. The two small holes in the front section are the indicator light and the infrared remote control receiving hole, which facilitates the reception of remote control signals and is ingeniously embedded in the groove of the waistline. , In the operating state and standby state, emit different colors of light, through a small hole, very beautiful.

▲Strip heat dissipation holes are also designed in the groove on both sides of the waistline, which can be described as “heat dissipation is everywhere”. Based on the cooling holes on the left side of the host, an SD card slot is designed to facilitate reading of SD card content.

â–²The foot of the bottom of the box seems to be insufficient to pass through. It is symbolically designed to have four circular protrusions at the four corners by injection molding. The heat dissipation is not enhanced by the use of rubber pads or foam pads. Although a lot of strips are designed at the bottom end The cooling holes, but it seems that they did not play their due role, this point hopes to improve.

â–² The black-learning remote controller of the drawing process forms a perfect black-and-white match with the host.

â–²33-key infrared learning remote control, the top area is set to the learning key area, the middle part of the design of the commonly used volume keys, file shortcuts, set shortcuts, direction keys, confirmation keys, and numeric keypad and so on.

â–² Figure 1: Arc-shaped remote control design, drawing process, soft buttons, bouncing naturally.

Figure 2: The lower part of the design of the keypad, easy to enter the password and digital channel change, the increase of the mute button at any time easy to mute, very intimate.

Figure 3: Battery compartment design with a circular arc at the lower end, which increases the comfort of the grip on the large end of the shell.

Figure 4: The remote control is equipped with two regular 7 batteries for easy replacement. The operation method of the learning type remote control is printed on the upper side of the battery compartment by means of screen printing, and the mother can no longer worry about not finding operating secrets!

â–² 5V/2A power supply, good workmanship. The bright spot lies in the design of the metal plug, so that this small block is easy to "exceeds the standard of office space," and it does not fit into a single sentence. It actually occupied my three jack positions, so yeah.

â–² HDMI HD cable, workmanship, but the wire is very long.

è´´ Intimate appearance again, the double male head brush line that comes with the delivery, facilitates later brush machine, is much more beautiful than my own DIY double male line. 32 points again like it.

â–² manual, warranty card, certificate.

â–² In accordance with the usual practice, we will give the kids a chance together.

▲ Huishibao M9 uses the Android 6.0 operating system. The system interface uses the WIN8 icon magnetic style. The interface is similar to the Meile set-top box interface. The upper end is the date and time signal and the middle is the main function module, online video, recommendation, Music, My Apps, Local Play, Settings, and shortcuts for some commonly used software, can be added or replaced with “+” shortcut icons. The interface is simple to design, easy to operate and freely defined.

▲ After opening the online video module, there is no software. You can click “+” to select the installed video software in the pop-up application selection interface. After adding, click on the online video again. In the secondary page, there will be added video playback. Software, very convenient.

â–²Recommended, music, local playback interface and online video are added in the same way. Users can add corresponding applications to secondary menus according to their needs.

â–² My application interface includes the system's own applications and user-installed applications. The Huishibao M9 has built-in some common software. The most intimate is that it has obtained super user rights, and it is very convenient in the post-operation.

â–² At the bottom of the main interface, click the "+" button to display the application drop-down menu. The user selects the corresponding application according to the requirements and selects the application to appear in the lower column of the main interface after returning.

â–² Huishibao M9 specially designed setting interface, clear classification, contains four main options, equipment, preferences, remote control and accessories, personal settings four options, simple design of icons and text, nice, easy to choose.

â–² After selecting a setting option, the name of the setting option is displayed on the right black background, and the content of the setting is displayed on the right side using the drop-down menu style. The design style is simple and atmospheric. Users can perform HDR and HDMI CEC settings.

Popular science: The full name of HDR is High Dynamic Range, which means high dynamic range, such as so-called high dynamic range image (HDRI) or high dynamic range rendering (HDRR). Dynamic range refers to the relative ratio between the highest and lowest values ​​of the signal. The current 16-bit integer format uses color values ​​from "0" (black) to "1" (white), but does not allow so-called "overrange" values, such as those where the metal surface is whiter than white. Color value. With the help of HDR, we can use color values ​​that are out of the ordinary range, thus rendering a more realistic 3D scene. HDR is the latest and most advanced method to pursue the fidelity of the picture.

CEC control: CEC control can use the CEC signal to allow the user to control the connected device on the HDMI interface. For example, to open the millet box, the TV will automatically start up due to the notification of the CEC signal, and then the video channel will automatically switch to the player connection. On the channel. When the user turns off the TV, the CEC signal also notifies the HDMI-connected device to enter standby.

The CEC function is available on many brands of equipment, but they have different names: VIERA Link from Panasonic, Anynet+ from Samsung, SIMPLINK from LG Electronics, BRAVIA SYNC from Sony, Thorpe (Sharp) Fami Link, etc.

â–² The user can easily set subtitles, text-to-speech, and remote remote control settings as well as software installation settings and add Bluetooth device settings.

â–² Users who are accustomed to the original Android 6.0 operating system setting interface can make corresponding settings through the original interface.

â–² The Huijibao M9 system has built-in KODI player software, and Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a classic free, open source, cross-platform, and extremely powerful professional multimedia audio center software player that includes professional audio and video content management and decoding and playback functions. Offering a full-screen interface suitable for display on a TV/projection/large screen, a remote control for wireless handsets, and an extensive range of plug-in extensions, it is absolutely necessary to create home theater (audiovisual center) and private movie libraries!

â–²Kodi can bring you a more elegant and comfortable viewing experience. It can be said that No. 1 is currently worthy of similar software. First of all, free and open source cross-platform + low configuration features make Kodi not only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, but even on Android, iOS phones/tablets, and micro-computers like the "Raspberry Pi" or many Android set-top boxes ( The network player) runs smoothly and has a wide range of compatibility and application.

â–²Kodi is a universal format HD player that supports decoding and playing almost all popular audio and video formats. There is no problem with 3D and 4K HD. It integrates movie video, music, picture management and playback. It can not only read the audio and video content of the local hard disk and mobile hard disk, but also, most importantly, it can play and manage other computers and NAS (network storage server) through LAN. Content. This makes it easy for anyone to turn the computer equipment on hand into a powerful network video player in the living room.

â–² Powerful local player KODI, together with powerful hardware, perfectly decodes various video and DTS-HD, TrueHD, AC3 time effects, and Dolby sound. Use KODI to play such as Dreamland on Earth (UHD Iceland, Iceland), resolution 3840*2160, H265 encoding, mpeg-ts format, 967mb, smooth playback, high color reproduction.

â–² Use KODI to play Samsung H265 Demo: Explore the new world, resolution 3840*2160, H265 encoding, mpeg-ts format, 697mb, play smoothly, the file can not be played on some RK3368 machines, smooth on the Huishibao m9 Play.

â–² Huishibao m9 main 4K HD playback, in addition to built-in KODI, the same built-in SPMC Android version, SPMC is an unofficial Kodi branch, and developed by the Kodi development team of Koying. Although strictly non-official products, this application often contains a lot of "experimental" fixes and settings to help users in the original Kodi can not run on special hardware, and sometimes this application is also used to test new features.

â–² Spmc video options have two options, playlist and video plug-in. You can select playlists to play local videos, audio files, etc., and you can also increase the playability by downloading video plug-ins.

â–² By clicking on the online video plugin, Spmc will automatically search for some online video plugins for users to choose and install. It is very convenient. Of course, users can also download KODI-enabled plugins for extended installation.

â–²Spmc is easy to use after downloading the plug-in. The interface is easy to operate and plays smoothly.

â–² Huishibao is very close to the built-in CIBN high-definition film broadcast control platform, CIBN high-definition film and television is CIBN Internet TV's Guangdong Province launched a TV screen for Internet video applications. Product integration China International Radio, Youku and more than 20 domestic CP advantages of resources, CIBN high-definition television allows you to enjoy massive amounts of genuine high-definition video, product news, movies, television dramas, variety shows, animation, documentaries everything.

▲ Online on-demand short-listing TV drama “Beautiful and Embroidery”, in the options interface, a detailed description is given in terms of details, recommendations, characters, and tags. The middle is the main video information, playback control, etc., and the bottom is related. Video recommendation, very detailed and easy to use introduction page.

â–² Sharpness and color reproduction are good. "Lollipop" this arrogant shape is also no one!

â–² Huishibao M9 is built for the convenience of user operation, and domestic well-known TV application market is built. When Beibei Market is a smart TV application market produced by ZNDS smart TV network, a brand-new program framework and interface design are adopted to bring a non-ordinary download experience. Easily install any TV application and game you want.

â–² built-in sofa butler, sofa butler is an Android-based smart TV / TV box application store. We are committed to creating the most comprehensive and simple TV application store to provide users with the most suitable software and games for use on TV devices. The sofa butler aggregates high quality apps and games for all TV devices. Watch live TV broadcasts, blockbuster films, use TV to play games, watch stocks, and listen to music. The butler provides a wide range of television applications. No longer worry about not finding applications for use on smart TVs/TV boxes!

â–² With broadcast control platform, application market, of course, also need a live broadcast software, Huishibao M9 built-in HDP live broadcast software, HDP live broadcast is an Android application for network TV set-top box carefully designed, focused on live TV. Compact and simple interface, it aggregates over 1000 network channels and keeps daily updated. At the same time with a look back, program previews, collections feature, so you do not miss any of the latest shows. HDP Live also features program sharing, home-made programs and more! The purpose of HDP Live Streaming is to provide free and share, so that more friends can appreciate the improvement of the quality of spiritual life brought about by technological progress.

â–² The Huishibao M9 Media Center is powerful and can be set up via the media center for DLNA DMP and Airplayer settings, facilitating the expansion of screens and enabling shared playback.

â–² 25 local video playback test videos, 15 video formats with different bit rates, 4 H265 encoded videos, 4 3D videos, and 2 Blu-ray videos. The quiet number EVO format cannot be played, the duck floats play Karton, and the rest can play normally. The overall local playback capability is good.

â–² Double Human Dance 4K Demo Film Eutelsat.Demo.HDTV.H265

â–² 4K high-definition demonstration film Sichuan cuisine, color reproduction is very good.

â–²4K HD Demonstration Film Underwater Scenery.

â–² Through the test, the selected 12 audio files can be played perfectly.

Ann Bunny evaluation 3D, V5.1, run sub-38129, who did not run this point, strong inside, needless to say.

Ann Bunny video test 3.0, score 850, support format 27, not fully supported format 3 unsupported format 0.

Nenamark2 V2.4 runs 60.1FPS, which is quite good.

Through the test of various aspects of the Huishibao m9, the overall feeling of satisfaction, hardware configuration, local playback capabilities, system control, and additional features set for the box itself a lot of points, comes with KODI and SPMC program with super High hardware configuration makes it easy to play various video format files. Of course, there are also some areas that need improvement, such as "exceeding the office area" power plug, the host's "simple" stepping and so on. Requires vendors to make improvements. Overall, the Huishibao M9 is a powerful, cost-effective, easy-to-use box. In fact, in today's proliferation of network boxes, a cost-effective and easy-to-use box is the ultimate pursuit.

Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, etc. on TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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