Su Guangyao: "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities" should really play a good demonstration role

I think that research is very necessary. You can look at the implementation effects of various projects and summarize the experience, which is conducive to the next step. The development of the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" project can be said that the government has played a very good guiding role in promoting the application of LEDs. Everyone can understand LEDs through more than ten cities and have a very positive meaning.

However, in the implementation of the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles", there are still some problems. For example, some local governments only stipulate that local enterprises can participate in local demonstration projects. Due to the uneven level of participating enterprises, they may not necessarily represent the best level of LED technology development. The final result may not be a good demonstration. The role is more likely to undermine everyone's confidence in LED. I suggest that third-party testing organizations should be involved, and that the selection of products from powerful companies for piloting will really play a good demonstration effect.

In addition, I think the overall role of “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” is good and can promote the development of the industry through application. But the key is to look at the model of the pilot, how to determine the qualifications of the company's participation, how to make the good companies truly participate in the project, and use the products certified by the state-specific monitoring agencies to make a really good demonstration project.