Tablet PC What are the advantages?

Tablet PC What are the advantages?

Tablets have distinctive features in appearance. Some are like a single LCD screen, but they are thicker than the average display screen. They are equipped with necessary hardware such as a hard disk.

Portable, it is as small and light as a laptop, and it can be used at any time for its use. It is more mobile than desktops.

Tablet PC's biggest feature is digital ink and handwriting recognition input, as well as powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition, gesture recognition capabilities, and mobility.

Extend the way you use your PC, using a dedicated “pen”, and operate it on your computer, making it as simple as using paper and pen. At the same time, it also supports the keyboard and mouse, like ordinary computer operations.

Digitize your notes, and you can use a tablet computer like a PDA or a palmtop computer to make ordinary notebooks, keep notes, and create your own texts, charts, and pictures. At the same time, integrated electronic "ink" uses ink in core Office XP applications and retains its own handwriting in Office documents.

When the semiconductor diode is turned on, it is equivalent to the switch closing (circuit is turned on), and when it is turned off, it is equivalent to the switch opening (circuit cut), so the diode can be used for switching, and the commonly used model is 1N4148. Since the semiconductor diode has a unidirectional conduction characteristic, the PN junction is turned on under a positive bias, and the resistance in the on state is small, about several tens to several hundreds of ohms; in the reverse bias, it is off. The resistance is very large. Generally, the silicon diode is above 10 Μ Ω, and the bismuth tube is also several tens of kilo ohms to several hundred kilo ohms. With this feature, the diode will act as a control for the current to turn on or off in the circuit, making it an ideal electronic switch.

Switching Diode

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