TCL 55 inch high color television only 7499 yuan

The TCL D55A920C is a 55-inch high color gamut TV with built-in 8-core Android 4.4 system. The perfect curve, excellent quality, gives you extraordinary visual enjoyment. Currently, it is promoting TCL official flagship store, the product straight down 1500 yuan, only 7499 yuan can start, like curved TV friends may wish to pay attention.

TCL D55A920C

TCL D55A920C curved TV uses an elegant and unique design style, half moon curved base design and arc screen body echo each other. At the same time, the fine brushed aluminum technology is used to cut the TV frame even more exquisitely. In addition, the application of metal materials has increased quality and modernity, and noble temperament has developed.

User singles TCL D55A920C, simple design, high value

Netizens bask single TCL D55A920C, built-in gitv, can watch online video programs

User singles TCL D55A920C can better show cable TV programs

User singles TCL D55A920C, support mainstream video format decoding, picture quality is clear, smooth TCL D55A920C has 4000R golden curvature, has a depth of 46.7mm and above, and is equipped with intelligent depth of field optimization technology, so that consumers in the movie There can be immersive feelings. It has a built-in iQIYI film and television platform and has 500,000 video resources. It is constantly updating new resources every day and is suitable for viewing by friends of all ages.
Comments: TCL D55A920C high value, good performance, with a professional-grade curved surface sound system, using low-frequency enhancement technology, you can restore the maximum loss of the source, and intelligent processing of sound waves, so that you hear the sound more real. Many netizens who have purchased the product have a high opinion of it. It can also realize the interconnection between the mobile phone and the TV. The content on the mobile phone can be run synchronously on the TV. You can work on the TV, play games, and enjoy the curved TV. Bring you pleasure.

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