The car "one second" becomes a motorcycle, so will it play?

On December 30th, according to foreign media reports, finding parking spaces in the city has always been a problem. It can be found, and the location is some distance from the destination estimate. Unresolved, the Ford Motors came up with a new design – removing one of the car's tires and temporarily transforming it into a single-wheeled motorcycle.

This is a patent application submitted by Ford in June 2014 and approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office on December 15. According to the above sketch, Ford believes that it can be assembled into a single-wheeled motorcycle that is carried by the car and driven by electric power.

Of course, like other patents, Ford's ideas don't necessarily end up being turned into products. Ford may only patent this idea at this stage to prevent other companies from getting it first.

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0.6L Food Choppers

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