"The Game of Power" Who Is the Master in Season 6 - An Introduction to Free Watching

The game of the sixth quarter of the game of power instantly ignited the enthusiasm of a large group of American drama fans. Unable to bear the expectation! Waiting for the world of ice and fire to smooth out the restless heart.

In 2016, we meet with a sofa butler to enter a world without spoilers!!!

The game of power in the sixth quarter of the game, detonated the passion of countless American fans, from the first season to the fifth season, the first five quarters are based on the novel, so that is to say, after watching the novel, watching TV There is no suspense, it can be completely spoiled, so that the play has no intriguing implications.

Due to the slow progress of the fiction version of the sixth season, the sixth season TV drama version will not be completely in accordance with the plot of the novel as the first five quarters, but it will also draw on some of the stories in the sixth season novels, so it can not be spoiled Oh, intriguing ~

Because it is the latest broadcast of a lot of video software can not be played, even if you can play it is to charge! This Xiaobian I have been troubled for a long time. I finally found a way to find a long time and finally called me to find the sofa at home, but you can watch but no charge Oh ~

That is the video search, Xiao Bian was really good at that time!!!

Xiao Bian organizes the outlines of the first to sixth quarters for easy viewing.

Game of Thrones Season Six 2016

Synopsis: In the sixth game of the game of power, apart from Snowor’s return to the sixth quarter after being executed by the night watchman, there is one member of the Stark family who also gives everyone the usual attention, that is, already leaving. Our long time Bran. When he saw Bran the last time, he had found three crows, and soon we could see his prophetic power. Bran, who has been standing by forever, is now 17 years old, and this It also caused many viewers to be unable to recognize it when they saw him. It can be seen from the latest stills that Bran has a new mount and a horse in the new story. In the fourth quarter, Bran finally met with the mysterious three-eyed crow, when the three-eyed crow hanging in the tree said to Bran that you could never walk, when you could return, and foreshadowed that he was The direction of the sixth quarter.

Game of Rights First Season 2011

The story is based on George RR Martin's series of novels Ice and Fire Song. The story takes place on a fictional continent (Westeros). The story is mainly about the northern kingdom of the king of the Stark family, Ned Stark was invited by the king to enter the parliament, became the king's right hand, the prime minister after a series of love and hate intertwined, leaving a death event.

Power Game Second Season 2012

After the story about Ed Stark's death, his ancestors supported his eldest son, Robb Stark, as the king of the North. The Northern Territory’s army led by Robust Stark confronts with Lannister’s strength. The Lanxi’s southern militias continue to move towards the monarchs, as well as the unpredictable Steynes and the iron archipelago of the Northwest Black Sea. .

Power Game Third Season 2013

The plot was based on the third storm of the Ice and Fire Song series by George Martin's novel. The Heishui River that has been burned has cooled down. The princes are celebrating the victory while they are in the city. They start the reconstruction work, but the battle for the Iron Throne is renewed.

Power Game Fourth Season 2014

The play tells that King Joffrey welcomed his wedding, but he did not know that the crisis would approach him. At the same time, Dragon Mother continued to lead the innocent to liberate the slave while Jon led his night watchman brother to the Great Wall. Resist savage attacks.

Game of Thrones Season 5 2015

The fifth quarter tells about the great difficulties of the reign of Cérén Lannister and the dragon mother Danielis Tangelian; at the same time, the children of Stark’s family each planned revenge; on the Great Wall, the vigil Commander-in-Chief Jon Snow wanted to establish an alliance with the savage to resist the devil, but he was betrayed by his brother-watchman.

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