The high-end trending technology of the range hood is more important than the price

HC Home Grid original: The hood seems to have developed to a period of steady rise. While the overall market share has grown steadily, high-end range hoods, as a symbol of “quality”, have been gradually accepted by some consumers and their market share is gradually increasing.

According to a data report, in the past few months, the share of the hood of more than 5,000 yuan has been growing at a rate of about 0.7% per month. Although this data also shows that the mid-range hood still occupies most of the market share, it is undeniable that high-end hoods that have shown a continuous growth trend are gradually occupying some markets.

High-end range hoods can be considered as an inevitable phenomenon after the hood market matures. As quality life gradually becomes one of the focuses of consumer appeal, hoods that are more elegant in style, more comprehensive in function, and more representative of quality are naturally favored by consumers who can support higher consumption levels. It can be said that the high-end range hood is one of the important elements to open the market by highlighting the quality of life.

Range hood high-end trend

Range hood high-end trend

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Of course, high-end range hoods can present a good market situation, first benefiting from the increase in market space, the improvement of consumer awareness and the maturity of hood technology.

From the initial entry into the Chinese market, the absence of brand guidelines, the current big-name clumps, and the first-line brand pattern, the hood has undergone a process that is not short-lived. This is indispensable for the immersion and efforts of the hood companies and the market. A regular expression of development.

As consumers become more familiar with and more acquainted with range hoods and believe that hoods are no longer simple smoking tools, the emergence of high-end range hoods first meets consumers' needs. The unimpeded development of high-end range hoods is due to consumers' awareness of quality consumption.

On the other hand, as the rural market is gradually being developed, the hood can easily expand its market territory to the vast rural market. Although according to the survey data, the rural market performance of the range hood is still far less than the urban market. However, as with any consumer product that has entered the rural market, as long as the initial slow growth period has passed, the hood will inevitably enter a rapid development period in the rural market. For high-end range hoods, the current rural market does not have much potential, but after being developed into a stable development period, the vast rural market will certainly bring a considerable market for high-end range hoods.

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