The K song at home is no longer the dream Mango TV+ makes you want to sing and sing

TCL Mango TV+ TV adopts a self-developed smart TV system. After clicking on the interface of K songs, you will see a massive live music MV

In KTV, those who have a professional level can always get more attention. In fact, in Xiaobian's opinion, it is not that everyone is gifted and has a golden sensation that will appeal to people. Too many examples prove that the day after tomorrow The hard work is the decisive key point. Mai Ba is not born. In fact, after some exercises at home, you can also have enchanting and beautiful singing voices, but many people will say that there is no device to sing K at home. How can we guarantee the practice? In fact, it is very simple. With a TCL mango TV+ TV, Xiao Bian can guarantee that you will become a true K songda in a short time!

TCL Mango TV+

TCL Mango TV+ TV adopts a self-developed smart TV system. After clicking on the interface of K-Song, you will see a massive amount of live-action original MVs built into it. Under the guidance of the original singers of the star singers, it is easy to Grasping the rhythm of every octave, the enthusiasm of singing will also be doubled. Good imitation is a good start. Through continuous improvement, you can gain full confidence.

Interactive forum is the focus

In fact, to create a family KTV, a good sound system must be one of the most critical conditions without disturbing neighboring neighbors. The power amplifier plus a basic 5.1 surround sound system may only reach a price of 10,000 yuan. The level of entry, however, a TCL Mango TV + TV has been able to meet the basic requirements of KTV audio output, mango TV + Nautilus audio system comparable to professional KTV, the purity of the sound or confused performance are very satisfactory, A television set is in hand and solves many annoying problems.

Teana K Song

If you use a remote control to operate such a rich function, it will be a bit complicated. This allows you to download the mobile phone tiankang karaoke software. You can connect TVs and mobile phones with social networking platform accounts such as Weibo, WeChat, and everyone. All functions that are shared can be "cross-platform" on the mobile. Tianhe K song is a quasi-professional K song software. When the user sings K song, single sentence scores and comprehensive scores will appear on the screen. When the user sings, they will know how to sing their own songs. If the score is high, I believe it is also a very fulfilling thing.

Realizing home karaoke is no longer a dream

In addition, TCL Mango TV+ fully integrates into an intelligent K song community, so you don’t need to be alone in your home. Upload and sing the songs or MV works you’ve sang into the community, let everyone know how your singing voice is quality The practical method is quite simple. After singing a song, it can be recorded directly on the Mango TV+ TV. The QR code on the TV can be sent to the circle of friends by scanning the QR code on the mobile WeChat. , Collect friends' praise and give flowers, let you feel like a star in an instant, make the K song process at home more convenient and more fun.

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