The Korean government has set a process for the self-made LED equipment. Many Korean factories have developed MOCVD equipment.

South Korean LED factories such as Samsung LED and LG Innotek have been actively expanding the production capacity of Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) equipment since 2009, but they are still mainly to Aixtron and Veeco. The procurement of MOCVD equipment highlights the fact that most of MOCVD equipment in Korea relies on overseas imports.

Since the LED factories in Taiwan, South Korea, and mainland China expanded their procurement of MOCVD equipment in 2009~2010, MOCVD equipment factories such as Aixtron and Veeco have actively increased their machine capacity. It is expected that the global demand for MOCVD equipment will be around 800 in 2010. In 2010, South Korea will account for about one-fourth of the global MOCVD equipment demand.

In view of the considerable demand for MOCVD equipment in Korea, the Korean government has promoted the LED equipment self-manufacturing plan since the second half of 2009 in order to get rid of the full number of imports as early as possible. It is scheduled to invest 50 billion won in the three years from 2010 to 2012 ( Approximately $45 million in research and development funding to promote MOCVD equipment, introduce process automation systems, and develop high-speed packaging/testing equipment.

Hansung Engineering (Jusung Engineering) is a leading company in the MOCVD equipment self-made program in Korea. Its equipment was developed in June 2010, and the Korean company Top Engineering also completed the MOCVD equipment in June 2010. Development, with the accumulation of strength in semiconductor/LCD devices in Korea, accelerating the layout of LED core equipment fields, showing that its self-made MOCVD equipment has also achieved results.