The old saying goes: forming a basic sharing of private home theater

[Home Theater Network] Nowadays, a private home theater is set up, and more and more friends are enjoying high-definition movies at home. The establishment of a private home theater is a systematic project. In terms of equipment selection, if there is not enough professional knowledge, it is more difficult for ordinary people to complete. Let's share some of the basics of device selection in private home theater components. Friends who have a private home theater intent can share it.

In general, professional-grade private home theaters often use projectors as display devices, while large-size flat-panel TVs are limited in size and cost. Therefore, home projectors still have certain advantages in large-size display.

If your private home theater has ample budget and the room size is 20-30 square meters, then it is best to choose a home projector when choosing a projector, rather than a commercial model. On the other hand, with the full HD of the source, 1080P HD is the basic choice, and you can choose the 1080P Full HD model if you have the conditions. (720P models, now the cheapest, the best choice for entry-level.)

Entry-level users can directly project home projector screens to white walls. However, high-end and high-end users who are looking for image quality are advised to purchase professional projection screens. Generally 20-30 square meters of room, 100-120 inch screen size is more common.


Plan the cinema design first and prepare well.

Taking the common living room as an example, we generally choose the short side of the living room as the viewing distance, which is the distance between the projector and the screen. The distance of this short side generally needs to exceed 4 meters, so that the projector can project 100. If the short side is too short, it will affect the projection size of the projector, and it is difficult to obtain the desired large picture. Then, at this time, we have to choose the long side as the distance between the projector and the projector, so that we can get a longer projection distance and get a larger size.

Home theater audio equipment should choose different power products according to the size of your living room. In general, the same product, the higher the power, the higher the price, if the power is higher than your living room area, it is a waste, and the power is less than your living room area, you can not get satisfactory results.

Remember, the length of the actual purchased wire must be longer than the measured length. If the unfortunately purchased wire is a little shorter, then you can only re-purchase it, not worth the candle.


Home projector purchase tips:

DLP and 3LCD technology are mainly based on two technologies: DLP has a rainbow phenomenon (the machine below 10,000 yuan still exists), and the previous color problem is not good, has not been favored by professional enthusiasts, but now it is very good The price is also quite affordable. The cinema theater uses DLP display technology, which is expensive for 3DLP. DLP projections are sharper and sharper than LCD projectors, black and white are more pure, and grayscale levels are more abundant. 3LCD has always been the first choice for professional players. It is mainly based on Japanese. The biggest advantage is that the color is very good. The three primary colors of red, green and blue are made by three separate liquid crystal panels, which can be used for the brightness and contrast of each color. It is controlled separately, and the 3 colors of light can reach the screen almost at the same time, so the colors can be reproduced in real life.

Resolution . In the choice of display devices, since it is a high-definition theater, whether it is a home projector or a TV should achieve at least 720P high-definition resolution level, if it is a higher demand, it is recommended to select 1080P full HD resolution models It can be used with HD signal processing equipment to watch high-definition movies.

Size . Regardless of the projector or flat-panel TV, you don't need to blindly pursue large size, but should be tailored to the local conditions, based on factors such as room size, proportion, and viewing distance, in order to achieve the most suitable (maximum size) target under the comfort of viewing.

brightness. This is two indicators that are common to display devices, especially projectors. If you want to use them in a bright environment, you should try to choose a slightly higher brightness. If the furniture environment has a good shading effect, then a normal 800 to 1000 lumens machine will suffice. At present, the general brightness is around 1500 lumens (professional high-end home projectors), while the home projectors for living room theaters generally have brightness between 2,500 lumens and 3000 lumens, and some even reach 4,000 lumens (in foreign countries). The higher the brightness, the more the color effect will be, and the depth of field will be reduced.

Noise . Audio is a very important part of a private home theater. Therefore, whether the actual device or the signal source is working, it is hoped that the working noise can be as small as possible, especially the projector, so as not to affect the normal viewing, the basic 30 Dolby The following is acceptable.

Stand-alone theater room: 100-inch screen: 800 lumens; 100-120-inch screen: 1000 lumens; 120-inch screen: 1300 lumens or more.

Contrast: A measure of the picture that is defined as the ratio of the brightness of the brightest (white) and darkest (black) screens. The higher the original contrast, the more detail you see in the projected image, providing better readability. Therefore, when purchasing, you still need to pay attention to the contrast value of the machine.


Home projector selection tips:

1, pay attention to cost-effective choice of 720P home projector and entry-level 1080P models

2, the pursuit of picture quality, select 1080P home projector, high-end models (Taiwan brand: BenQ, Optoma, Acer, Lixun, ViewSonic)

3, private cinema high-end home projector (brand Sony, Epson, JVC, brightness is around 1500 lumens)

In addition to the above, in the past two years, there have also been laser TVs and screenless TVs (micro projectors, mainly domestic brands), super-projection TVs (smart TVs, built-in Android systems, Alibaba Cloud, etc.).


For entry-level users, today's private home theater is the most suitable time, a projector can do everything, no need for space size, audio, amplifier, player, wiring troubles. The smart projector can be fixed, built-in Android system, automatic box function, as long as there is a wireless place to open the machine to watch. Space, side projection function, sound, and now a lot of machines have built-in high-quality speakers, enough to meet the needs of a family of three people.

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