The original innovator # set foot on the bus, since then hometown only winter - the old driver from the Royal Park daily edc

Embark on a bus ride. Since then, my hometown has only been winter, and I haven’t seen the true portrayal of every migrant worker entering the city during the Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. It’s true that I am a child from the village.

Just like aunt deep in the sea, from the wallet is a passerby, just came to the Royal Park to work free and is a single dog naturally spend money into the bigfoot, see the like to buy buy buy, so as to meet their hearts, anyway, I can not afford expensive Hehehehe.

Become acquaintance Zhang Da Ma or search Timbuk2 shoulder bag point in, look very much like the appearance, then there is no credit card can only be purchased in Japan and then in the following comment on the Rito people to buy, from the powder Aunt Zhang.

There are a lot of tricks. Just go directly to the topic. The family portrait is shown below. There are two areas on the right: the office on the left side of the electronics category, the right side to help solve all kinds of needs, and the camera technology is limited. (Who said that buying a SLR is a master, look at the residue I shoot, is booming)

The Three Musketeers of Apple (Working and Entertainment are correct): MacBook Air/IPad Air/IPhone 6 doesn't need to say much, can't afford a big three dollar Apple Musketeer or no problem, personal first job is in a lot of channels around a village. Therefore, all three Apple Swordsmen purchased in a village, after all, do not have a lot of tickets can be cheaper, the Royal Park stores warranty does not require invoices can be repaired and saved money, why not, this style of work is like me. Below is the link to the tea house, and it is not a direct direct selling shop. Apple Musketeers only need to pay attention to buy Apple phone is not bad money or bite teeth is very necessary on the 64g other problems are not large, you can not afford to buy can not be taken advantage of, after all, one of the top ten regrets in life is to buy 16g memory iphone mobile phone .

2. 彪悍 小 Y ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Nothing plays the game before it is presented. It seems that it is also related to the group of companies. They took me to the path of the super-God. I will not tell you that the company stipulates that personal notebooks will be used to subsidize 180 oceans each month. Ocean is able to buy a lot of things here in Auntie; the notebook was purchased in Gome in 12 years, but now it has been suspended for a long time. Currently, the use of dual-solid-state drive blessing last year for four years, the work game is still outstanding performance, except for some scratches but does not affect I use Ah, and Mac to use daily to go to the company is to take the Mac, go to the scene to debug the integration of the device to bring a small Y, you can save a variety of conversion head, conversion head is also an expense, although the company to reimbursement, but I Lazy, I'm troublesome.

3. Auxiliary: Start from left to right to say USB charging head, network port to U port converter, millet mobile power, USB charging cable, and Apple headset, millet charger bought in milk tea home, like the appearance, spent six months iPhone6 ​​can perform well 3-4 times.

4. Accessories: signature pen / mouse / laptop power / power purchase notebook comes with this know does not have to say, the mouse rushed 6.18 after buying milk tea home coupon 99 meters also presented mouse pad, drawing game play performance is very good, there are 9 The editable buttons also have a very dazzling indicator lights can not be dazzled after the night off the lights, I was God, but plastic is too strong, still like it, the most important long time drawing is also good for playing games Ye Hao will not be used Feeling tired; signature pen with a few roots certainly yes, follow the leadership to the scene, each time the company leaders rush out or go to the scene without pen and paper when you need to remember something in time to bring you more pens and you The notebook can be handed out to score extra points. There are many extra pens. You can also take notes. It is not as good as a bad note. I didn't take it before. But many times I went back to the company leadership and began to check the project. It's all bloody lessons.

5. Auxiliary: USB extension cable, USB extender, box ruler, company allotment but are personal purchase and then reimbursement, but the price is limited, a very good production tool, extender extension line purchased at tea house, box ruler Purchased in the richest family, the package is wayward, and the East still needs to work hard.

6: Card package and QC20, must go out, take a subway ride noise reduction headphones to wear once like it, and some all understand that although the card package is printed with a driver's license and the purpose is to buy a driver's license, open After the box was found to be able to put a lot of bank cards, and it is very small and not occupy a flat position in the pants pocket is not bulging is very obvious, can be placed driver's license, ID card, social security card, and then three bank cards, there is a location I usually It is used for receipt of train tickets and the like.

Just need the user, buy early and use early, you like to use it.

The place where the card package can be placed seems to have increased, and it is much cheaper than I was able to cut. However, it is not leather. Don't ask me how to know.

7. Anti-virus wipes, anti-virus do not kill anything or anything, but anyway, China’s 100 drugs do not invade, when I was a child, I grew up drinking Sanlu is so good, go out to sweat dirty hands or eat dirty hands It was a good job to wipe it out. At the time, my sister queuing and lining up in the bathroom, my sister wanted to wash her hands again and thought of it. After the wet wipes were put out for a long time, my sister straightened me to my heart, and I wiped my hand and said something. The aroma of malt, I took the opportunity to die, less than 9.9 yuan wet towel directly to take home with her sister, who else.

Then, in the order of amoxicillin and ibuprofen, there is a toothpick, and the wisdom tooth has just been pulled out. Because it is a hammer drill that is pulled out horizontally, now half the head is hurt or there will be no time to rest. Made original here, too painful, can only rely on ibuprofen pain.

And then manual card package, like Taobao can directly search the manual card package, vegetable tanned skin material itself is similar to khaki color, will leave traces with your use and discoloration and feeling like banyan Bodhi walnut; key U There are also internet cards, u disk two system disks, two usual production tools, large files have mobile hard drives, but mobile hard disks need to be rarely carried.

Then the elephant mug, this looks like Aunt Zhang's homepage can catch up with the menstrual promotion, insulation and cold 7-8 hours without pressure, now the Royal Park with a bottle of cold and hot when the weather out to drink and how to compare The hot water from the trunk is a bit sweet and mineral water is good to drink. Winter is even more necessary. Every time we work at the scene, we are not in front of the village. We can drink hot and cold water. How invincible it is, too. Lonely, the current use in addition to one year did not put away from the side pocket of the bag to fall off the bottom a bit off the paint other appearance lossless, had to admire.

8. Finishing: Put on everyday use of the shoulder bag, Timbuk2 backpack, backpack is divided into three parts.

(1). No item status.

(2). Part I: Office Computers / Tablets / Ticket Storage Bags / Umbrellas.

(3). Part II: Charger/Box Scale/Mouse/Pen/Card Holder/Accommodation Pack

(4). Part III: Drugs / U disk / key / bus card

(5) The old driver hit the road.

Finished, thank you.

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