The traditional channel pressure of kitchen appliances increases the new peak of online shopping or marketing

The production of the beautiful kitchen electric power Wuhu base has turned the goal of the US kitchen electric appliance into five times in three years, and determined to build a kitchen and bathroom appliance carrier. Galanz made a high-profile debut in the kitchen, Aux, Changhong, Chigo, Konka... The white electric brand continued to expand the market share of kitchen and bathroom. At the same time, with the development of Fang Laoshuai and Vantage 20,000, Ouyi, Wanxi, Chengdi, etc. The continuous growth, the space of small and medium-sized kitchen appliances seems to be squeezed, and the traditional channels are facing increasing pressure. If the pressure is not well dispersed to solve the sales problem, the collapse will become the only ending.

Despite the increasing pressure on traditional channels, we are still pleased to see some successful companies, and they have one thing in common: relying on this new channel of e-commerce not only saves themselves, but also achieves their own brand on the Internet.

Business survival under the crisis

At present, there are several small and influential enterprises in Guangdong that have confirmed bankruptcy. Among them, there are some suspected frauds, and because the market prospects for the products are too small to continue to operate, and even because the products can not find the market and have to close. One of them is based on foreign trade and is affected by the international environment. It is impossible to accept new orders and the funds are in short supply.

For the majority of small and medium-sized electrical appliances, channel construction has always been the focus, and the channel is king. The form of agency, wholesale, and specialty stores still occupy the main stage of enterprise channel development. With the continuous decline of the first-line brand channels such as Midea and Haier, the third- and fourth-line markets have already become important markets for competition. For small and medium-sized kitchen and electric power companies that lack brand advantage, they can't enter professional chain stores such as Gome and Suning. Even the side of Shangchao can't keep up, and they have to grab the land with big brands to grab money. This really makes the company very It’s hard to eat. "Sometimes in order to complete the task, we have to ask for the order of the following dealers to die, in fact, we also know that it will be very fast to cultivate the market." The marketing director of a company talked about this problem, bluntly I admit that in order to achieve profitability and capital turnover as soon as possible, sometimes it is necessary to do things that damage the late cultivation and deep cultivation.

In June this year, the majority of distributors expressed their interest in independent brands, such as Elite and Ao Tai, in the South China Station organized by HC Home Grid. “It should be said that the dealers we choose now are much higher than before. We not only require them to have strength, but the most important thing is to require dealers to have their own marketing team, so as to better support the following terminal retail wholesalers. Some manufacturers with a little more strength point out that in the past one or two years, they have put forward higher requirements for dealers. Most of the high-quality dealers are cooperating with brands or independent brands with high potential. Therefore, after the huge distribution agent team was screened by a round, only the small and medium-sized enterprises were forced to give such small and medium-sized enterprises. Under the competition with the regular army, the problem faced by small and medium-sized kitchen appliances manufacturers is that marketing is coming. The harder it is to do.

E-commerce market demand is vast

In 2011, it was destined to be an extraordinary year for kitchen appliances companies. The word “crisis” was used to summarize the situation that may be more relevant to the present. For most companies, the impact of this year's unfavorable factors includes the re-regulation of real estate market policies, the difficulty of lending under the tightening of monetary policy, and the rising of various costs. Although there are unfavorable environmental factors, For some kitchen electric companies in the shuffling stage, what they see is opportunities, a chance to leap forward, especially in recent years, through the development of new brands, such as online shopping, TV shopping, etc. to achieve a brand growth and development of the brand They have already made a lot of noise in this area! Transformation is embarking on the road of e-commerce and becoming the first choice for them to solve marketing problems.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China's urban information infrastructure, the Internet has covered all cities in the country, and more than 99.3% of towns and villages have access to the Internet, with netizens reaching 477 million.

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Product features
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12V Battery Restore System

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