TI is the first to receive Netflix HD certification for Android to bring new streaming features

21ic News, Texas Instruments (TI) announced its Netflix Silicon Reference Implementation (SRI) certification, the first to become its partner for Netflix HD applications via Android. The TI OMAPTM 4 platform features M-ShieldTM security technology that meets Netflix's requirements for mobile streaming content, allowing up to 1080p full HD video with strict security. This epoch-making event not only highlights the strengths of TI's OMAP 4 platform M-Shield technology, but also marks the first release of Netflix's certification of its 1080p streaming application and the beginning of end-to-end protection on mobile devices.

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Built on the ARM® Dual CortexTM-A9 MPCore, TI's OMAP 4 platform supports TrustZone® technology, setting a new standard for rich multimedia Netflix experiences on today's mobile devices. It not only uses parallel processing technology to support higher performance and better power efficiency, but also includes an engine that can drive the development of features required by consumers such as Full HD 1080p 30fps multi-standard video. As part of the OMAP 4 platform, TI M-Shield security technology protects advanced content and protects mobile devices from attacks while running Netflix streaming applications. The M-Shield solution uses a hardware-protected Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that runs on OMAP processors without the need for specialized chips or additional CPU cycles. This not only helps the M-Shield and OMAP architecture to provide optimal playback time, but also keeps the CPU low-loaded, giving it enough resources to run other applications.

In addition, smartphones and tablets running the Netflix app on the OMAP 4 platform can also be connected to larger TVs that support HDMI, as the security technology of the OMAP platform includes HDCP encryption of the HDMI connection itself.

Bill Holmes, vice president of business development at Netflix, said: "Netflix has extensive streaming experience in PCs, Macs, game consoles, Internet TV, iPhone and iPad, and a wide range of set-top box products. We hope to find a semiconductor partner that can deliver our services. Smooth and secure introduction of a broader mobile environment. TI's OMAP architecture and M-Shield security technology will provide a solid foundation for high-performance, low-power security platforms that help Netflix members instantly watch endless TV shows and Android devices. the film."

Fred Cohen, Director of TI's OMAP User Experience Team, said: "We are proud to be the first to receive this critical certification and to deliver a solution that ensures a balance of performance, security and power efficiency as the Netflix experience transitions to mobile applications. Our OMAP processor delivers a rich and realistic experience with mobile devices, while our M-Shield technology protects customers, content providers and consumers with data security. This is the most secure and content Good balance can bring more opportunities for Netflix's growth in the Android market."

TI and Trusted Logic have developed the Secure Middleware Component (SMC), the OMAP version of Trusted Logic Trusted FoundationsTM. SMC implements Trusted Logic TrustedShowTM and provides OMAP optimized implementations for the Microsoft PlayReadyTM DRM solution required by Netflix. Earlier this year, TI demonstrated Netflix Full HD live through the Netflix production server, which uses the OMAP 4 platform M-Shield security feature based on the Trusted Logic solution.

Olivier Leger, Vice President and General Manager of Trusted Logic, said: "The Netflix certification is another milestone in our successful collaboration with the TI team. We are excited to be able to safely deliver advanced content distribution and streaming to a wide range of consumer products. In-house security features. Netflix customers and stakeholders will benefit from our proven, now optimized technology for TI M-Shield to get the best experience from mobile devices."

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