Top ten hot problems in car monitoring and installation difficulties

With the development of mobile security multimedia technology and automotive electronics technology, the application field of vehicle monitoring is also expanding. Its real-time and intuitive presentation of video and audio information makes it a powerful technical assistant for the public transport management department, providing a scientific and authoritative basis for traffic management departments to accurately understand the causes and fair treatment of traffic accidents. The lawful income is strongly protected, warning and containment of illegal and criminal acts that occur inside and around the car, so that our property and personal safety are fully guaranteed.

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Here are some questions about the in-vehicle products and installation tips for everyone:

Top question one: Can the car DVR withstand high temperatures? Can it function like a black box of an airplane?

At present, the popular vehicle DVR on the market has a working temperature between 0 and 50 degrees. Because it is installed inside the car, its temperature requirement is higher than that of the ordinary monitoring host, but it is not as high as the aircraft black box. Temperature requirements; the main function of the vehicle DVR is to monitor the operating specifications of the driver's flight attendants in the car, to monitor the abnormal situation of the passengers in the car; at the same time, it can also be a good certificate for the car when the accident occurs, because it can be completely intact. Record the detailed video and sound of the accident, and even include the speed of the time and the related car driving situation, which can play a good role in the car black box.

Top Question 2: How long does the car DVR record?

At present, there are two popular storage devices for on-board DVRs on the market; one is to support SD cards, which is characterized by good suspension performance but relatively small storage space, and short storage time of video storage time of up to 8 hours. SD maintenance costs are large, there is no hard disk popularization; the other is the ordinary computer hard disk mode, our company uses the storage mode of ordinary serial hard disk, the hard disk can support 300g, so the four channels can record for a month; The problem of suspension and heat dissipation of the hard disk has been solved, so that the customer's needs can be better met.

Top Question 3: What are the functions of vehicle monitoring in addition to post-recording?

The main function of vehicle monitoring is to record the driving situation of the car in the form of video. In addition to the monitoring function, multimedia playback (advertising play), speed, license plate number and speed superposition are added according to the actual needs of the customer; the driver data is superimposed; There are also GPSGPRS and wireless transmission functions.

Top Question 4: Can our daily home camera be used as a camera for car monitoring, because the two seem similar in shape?

Because of the speciality of the installation of the car camera, there are certain requirements for the installation of the car camera, such as the commonly used bus, the installation of the passenger car camera is not only according to the needs of the monitoring angle resolution, but also the different lenses. Has the following characteristics:

(1), the volume is relatively small and light, easy to install, can not affect the passenger car environment;

(2), convenient to fix, to avoid some artificial camera angle, affecting the monitoring effect;

(3) The structure has certain seismic resistance;

(4), there must be infrared light, convenient for poor light or night monitoring;

Therefore, we recommend: small hemisphere with built-in infrared light, conch camera, etc.; for some special vehicles, such as: urban management vehicles, police cars, cash trucks, etc., according to the customer's monitoring needs to configure different cameras.

Top Question 5: Most car monitoring systems currently use black and white cameras. Why not use color cameras?

The first thing that is done on-board monitoring is the wired reversing system, and the reversing system only previews the situation at the time, without recording, and it does not require high color for camera monitoring. Another reason is because the customer of Party A just The beginning is just to see the need for monitoring images. Its main feature is that it is cheap and cost-effective. With the maturity of the vehicle monitoring market, with the further rationalization of Party A's needs, the monitoring requirements will be further improved. I believe that color cameras will be used in the future. More and more.

Top Question 6: How much does it cost for a bus's on-board monitoring system?

The installation cost of a bus mainly includes the following: host cost, camera cost, hard disk, wire, installation cost, different host equipment prices are different, the price of different cameras is not the same, the current price of the host itself is different. It's bigger because everyone uses different solutions and structure costs.

Top Question 7: What are the main features of the vehicle monitoring system?

The main features of the vehicle monitoring system are:

(1), wide voltage, because the power supply of the car is the inverter power supply voltage range between 8-32 volts, so the power board of the host computer is required to have the above functions;

(2) It is necessary to adopt multi-level physical and electronic suspension structure; for example, motherboard components should avoid connectors as much as possible, and the motherboard should be fixed by itself and shock absorber; our latest H.264SD6000CH series car adopts hard disk suspension and whole The structure of the suspension suspension of the machine; it can well avoid the influence of the bad road surface on the vibration of the host;

(3), professional and convenient installation interface, our company's SD6000CH series uses the standard aviation joints, which can avoid the short circuit and open circuit caused by bumps during the driving process.

(4) The use environment of the vehicle is rather special, so it is also necessary for the main host itself to have certain characteristics of high temperature resistance, dust resistance and impact resistance.

Top Question 8: When the manufacturer faces the customer, is it only providing individual components in the monitoring, or is it providing a complete system?

At present, domestic manufacturers have different sales and service models. Our company is currently providing customers with professional system solutions, not only providing a full range of multi-price system supporting products. For example, economy, H.264, luxury, etc. to meet the needs of customers in various industries, in addition to provide protection boxes, cameras, pickups and so on.

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