Toshiba launches LED driver IC

Toshiba's storage and electronic components solutions company announced on June 30 that the "TB62D786FTG" is a new single-line, nine-channel output LED driver IC for amusement equipment and LED lighting applications. Full volume production is expected to start this fall.

Figure: Toshiba launches single-line input illumination LED driver IC

The new product uses a single-wire Manchester encoding interface commonly used in wireless communications, reducing the number of input signals to one. In addition, a built-in daisy chain pin and a linear regulator circuit (LDO, 5V output) with inputs up to 28V increase the scalability of the LED driver unit.

In a typical system, power must be supplied to the LED driver IC and LED separately. With this new product, the number of wires between the microcontroller (or controller) and the LED driver unit with the new driver can be reduced to four (single supply, single line input, single wire daisy chain output and ground), and A single-supply work unit with fewer wires can be created for a compact package (VQFN24). In addition, the LED unit board size can be miniaturized.

The new device features an IC control voltage of 4.5V-5.5V and provides LED output current up to 85 mA per channel. The input signal is transmitted over a frequency range of 0.51MHz to 2MHz, and the PWM level (0 to 127) can be used to control the illumination.

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