Under the tide of closure, see the growth of LED drive power

Following the news of the bankruptcy and liquidation of Zhongzhou Optoelectronics and Zhongji Lighting, Shenzhen Delip Optoelectronics and Ruigu Technology issued a notice on the Internet. Due to overcapacity and industry triangle debt, the capital turnover was difficult, and it was decided to clean up and convene suppliers. Debt declaration and liquidation.

Recently, the LED industry has frequently experienced corporate closures.

Following the news of the bankruptcy and liquidation of Zhongzhou Optoelectronics and Zhongshan Tongji Lighting, today’s friends circle also sent a notice to the two LED driving power companies, namely Deli Optoelectronics and Ruigu Technology, due to overcapacity and industry triangle debt. The capital turnover was difficult, and it was decided to clean up and convene suppliers to declare and liquidate claims.

LED has entered the era of low profit, and in the traditional power supply industry with lower technical threshold, the price has been almost transparent, enterprises can not escape the low-cost whirlpool, smaller power companies have been eliminated and acquired, and medium and large enterprises can integrate supply chains or Reluctantly extracting profits from the Red Sea.

Intelligent control into new growth poles

With the increasing demand for intelligent control, dimming and color adjustment, and the rise of high-voltage LED technology, the drive control scheme for the entire smart home system is considered to be the new growth pole of the power supply.

“At present, enterprises focusing on intelligent control and intelligent power supply have seen great growth. In the past, the demand for intelligent control products has grown steadily. In the past two years, with the rise of intelligent lighting and smart homes, coupled with the rapid growth of the industry as a whole, The demand for intelligent control and intelligent power supply has undergone large fluctuations in fluctuations," said Lei Jianqiang, deputy general manager of Zhuhai Leite Technology.

The gradual shaping of the concept of smart city has also brought new growth points to LED drive power.

“At present, many domestic and foreign cities are building smart lighting demonstration projects. It is expected that more intelligent lighting projects will be applied in the next 3 to 5 years, and it will be quickly pushed to the maturity of intelligent lighting systems.” Vice Chairman of Infineon Electronics Manager Zhang Huajian mentioned.

At the same time, the concept of Internet of Things and "Internet +" also provides more support for intelligent lighting.

Growth space under LED expansion

It is true that the high-margin blue ocean market, intelligence and integration are the future profit growth points of power companies, but for SMEs, does it mean that they can only extract surplus profits in the Red Sea, or fail to escape the crisis?

"The penetration rate of LED lamps in the total amount of lighting fixtures is still very low. With the rapid decline in the price of lamps and lanterns, the potential space in the market is very large." Zhang Huajian said.

"Indeed, with the expansion of LED lighting market demand, it is estimated that the LED power supply market will grow by at least 30% in the next 2-3 years. The future growth of LED power supply is still due to the market expansion of LED lighting industry, LED power supply prospects and LED The lighting market has a total honor and disgrace.” Lei Jianqiang also believes that the overall LED lighting market still has huge room for development.

As Li Bin, vice president of sales for Mingwei Power China, said, companies need to continuously innovate products, improve production efficiency and improve product quality, reduce failure costs, and maintain product differentiation and long-term competitive advantage. space.

Nowadays, LED power companies are welcoming the challenge of survival, and exploring the future growth point of the power industry together with you has become the trend of the times.

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